You Don't Need to Break the Bank for Affordable & Adorable Work Clothes

With graduation around the corner, it's important for those going out into the real world to make sure their wardrobe is fit for the professional world. But alas, fancy attire is often expensive, so here are my personal recommendations for finding quality work clothes that work with the college-student budget. 

1. Target

Target never fails to provide for every occasion. A large department store, Target provides a wide range of collections available, including professional options. I always look to Target when I need some serious shop therapy — but who doesn't? — because they have some adorable options. In the pictures below, the cigarette pants are $27.99 and this summer-friendly dress is $54.99. Check out our local Target in Hadley on Route 9 or order online!

2. T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx has a great selection of designer dresses, blazers, trousers and work-friendly shoes — all at lower prices than department stores. I often check out the clearance section too, because there's always a chance of finding a good item for an amazing discount. This easy striped button-down shirt is only $19.99, this Vince Camuto floral top is $24.99, and this Kasper color-block dress is $34.99.

3. H&M

This European company has a huge range of fashion choices. In terms of work clothes, you can trust H&M to give you a selection of patterns and styles to look through. Whether you're looking for a simple black dress or a kimono blazer, H&M has a lot to offer. In the pictures below, this blazer is $34.99 and the slacks are $29.99.

4. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a ridiculously huge fashion chain, and fittingly have an endless amount of options for every type of clothing and body size. Though their work clothing may not be made to last forever, if you're looking for a stylish and cheap outfit, Forever 21 is the perfect option. This skirt below is $22.90, the slacks are $17.90, and the dress is $35.00.


This is a perfect option for those who are fashion-obsessed and looking for a tasteful outfit. While some name brand clothing on this site can be on the expensive side, there are great deals mixed in with the bunch that won't break the bank. In the pictures below, the top is $32.00, and these fun pants are $40.00.