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Wine, Wisdom and Wingwomen: Friendships in Your Twenties

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Ah, your twenties. A glorious, messy rollercoaster of self-discovery, late-night adventures, and questionable fashion choices (looking at you, low-waisted skinny jeans). It’s also a period notorious for a constant shift in friendships. Those ride-or-dies from high school? Life throws you onto different paths, and suddenly maintaining those connections feels like the most difficult thing in the world.

This tightrope walk gets even trickier when you’re an international student. Miles turn into oceans, time zones wreak havoc on schedules, and inside jokes lose their effect over long-distance calls. You left behind the only friends you ever knew, the ones who saw you through awkward teenage phases and celebrated every milestone. It’s enough to make anyone yearn for a comforting glass of wine (but maybe not quite yet, legally speaking!).

Yet, amidst this journey, there’s a beacon of light — that one friend who defies all odds. The one who remembers your birthday even when you don’t feel like celebrating it, the one who tolerates your angsty music taste shifts, the one who’s been by your side since, well, forever. For me, that’s Rhea. We’ve been through thick and thin, navigating the transition from musical.ly to the world of TikTok together. There’s a comfort in that long shared history, a silent understanding that only comes from growing up side-by-side.

Holding onto those long-distance friendships requires effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. A heartfelt video call filled with laughter and spontaneous bad jokes can be just what you need to get over a homesick evening. And let’s not forget the reunions — those moments when you reconnect and realize the bond is stronger than ever — it’s like you never left.

But here’s the beautiful thing about your twenties: you don’t just get to hold onto your old friendships, you get to build new ones too. University becomes a breeding ground for connections, a place where you’re surrounded by people on the same journey of self-discovery. Slowly, but surely, you start to form your own little chosen family.

These new friendships in your twenties are special. They’re forged in the crucible of shared experiences — late-night study sessions fueled by snacks from the vending machine, the camaraderie of surviving a particularly brutal exam, and the collective sigh of relief after finally handing in a long midterm paper. The bond goes beyond just going out and having fun (although that’s a perk!). It’s about learning from each other, crying on each other’s shoulders when things fall apart, and celebrating each other’s victories, big or small.

Your twenties are a time of immense personal growth. You’ll stumble, you’ll fail, you’ll learn how to learn (because let’s face it, those high school study habits won’t cut it anymore). And through it all, your friends will be there — the old ones cheering you on from afar, the new ones holding your hand through the mess. They’ll be your drink buddies, your wisdom keepers, and your ultimate wingwomen, navigating this crazy, wonderful decade by your side. So, raise a glass (or a cup of coffee, if that’s more your style) to the friends you have, the ones who make your twenties a little less terrifying.

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Tarunima Agarwal

U Mass Amherst '25

Tarunima is a sophomore majoring in Public Health Sciences at UMass Amherst. Originally from India, she's an international student with a deep passion for diplomacy and exploring the rich interconnections between cultures. Besides her love for writing, Tarunima enjoys capturing moments through photography and listening to retro Bollywood songs. Her enthusiasm for being a part of Her Campus reflects her desire to connect with fellow young women in the UMass chapter, sharing her diverse interests and experiences with her new community.