Why You Should Make a Bucket List

I don’t know about you, Collegiettes, but the beginning of the second semester has always been rough for me. I find myself constantly tired, worn out, and unmotivated. That's why this semester, I tried something new. I made myself a "Semester Bucket List"! Three weeks into the new semester, I can already say that I'm feeling great about my goals-- personal, academic, and otherwise. But why should you make a bucket list?

It helps you prioritize!

What do you want to do most? Take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been? Learn a language or instrument? The possibilities for the goals on your bucket list are infinite. When you find the few things at the top of your bucket list, it’ll help you keep your priorities in check.

You can learn something new about yourself!

So you’re a nutrition major, but the first thing on your bucket list is to own your own boutique? Writing down what your major life goals are can help give yourself insight as to who you are. Who knows? Maybe your bucket list will influence you to change your life.

It’ll get your butt in gear!

When I make a goal for myself, I try my best to hold myself accountable for it. Holding yourself accountable for your goals will make you more likely to achieve them, just based on the fact that you wrote them down in the first place. This is why I hang my goals in a place I can see them every day—the constant reminder is all the more motivation!

What’s on your bucket list, Collegiettes?

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