Bridgerton cast posing for Netflix poster

Why You Need to Drop Everything and Watch “Bridgerton” Right Now

Unless you have been social distancing from technology, you have most likely heard of the new Netflix original series Bridgerton. You might be wondering, is it worth it? Like the trend of Tiger King, you might be doubting starting the series. Take it from someone who is watching it for their third time since it came out in December, stop doubting and turn it on right this moment.  

Now, "why is this show so amazing?" you may ask. Let me share.

First of all, not only is the cast absolutely stunning and diverse, none of them are A-list actors or actresses. You do not have to worry when starting the show about what big name they put in to make it more popular. They are all unique characters who were casted perfectly (at least in my eyes). I personally find that this makes the show even more original and engaging. 

Besides the fantastic characters, the costumes in the show are to die for. The elegant clothing brings you back as if you were truly in 1813. I cannot begin to imagine the amount of time put into these stunning dresses, but it makes me want to dress up and dance around as if I were attending one of the balls. Although corsets are something I would not mind leaving in the past. (Cheers to that!) Daphne drinking Netflix / If the stunning clothing is not enough to catch your eye, the spirit of the cast members is mesmerizing. The story line allows for females to take charge and be the ones in power, which is not typical in a love story. Normally the knight in shining armor saves the damsel in distress, yet in this story, I find the women are the ones saving the men. Without these strong female role models in the show, the men would be lost.

Speaking of independent strong characters, throughout the whole love journey there is also an unknown character, Lady Whistledown. Lady Whistledown writes about all the latest drama in their scandalous newsletters that once out in the town spreads like wildfire. This mysterious character fascinates the whole township with their writing and no one in the show, nor I, can get enough of all of the drama they add. 

scene from Bridgerton on Netflix Shondaland / Netflix

Finally, the love. Everyone loves love no matter who you are. And if you do indeed love love, you should be watching Bridgerton right now. Although it is a predictable love to everyone else, including the audience and even other cast mates in the show, it isn't clear to the two characters who are actually in love. Their connection is undeniable, yet their pride sometimes gets the better of the both of them, which causes the two characters to fall in love even more. So maybe if you are scrolling through Netflix curious as to what love story you want to indulge in next, you might just happen to try out Bridgerton and fall as deep into the story as I have.