Why We Wish Nicole Richie was Our New BFF: A #CandidlyNicole GIF story

Collegiettes, if you haven’t heard by now, Nicole Richie returned to reality TV on VH1 this year (two of the best things from the early 2000’s). This means that something that we’ve been dreaming of since we were 12 has actually come true. The Simple Life was hands down the funniest reality show ever, and it pretty much taught us all we needed to know about what to expect as a young, hot 20-year-old. It should come as no surprise now that we have reached that stage that we are way too excited to watch Candidly Nicole and learn how to become a hot, hilarious, mother of two. We can’t even tell if we want to be best friends with her, or just be her in general.

1. She totally gets the importance of marrying rich.

2. She too gets frustrated when texting boys.

3. She loves wine.

4. ...And being inappropriate to total strangers.

5. She also loves attention, just like us...

6. She hates branching out.

7. She wouldn't yell at us for our bad driving, because she's probably just as bad.

8. She understands the value of taking a good selfie.

9. She's guilty of being fake sometimes.

10. She hates doing work, just like us.

You know you love her too!

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