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Why We Still Need Our Mothers At Every Age

When many students leave home at the end of their senior year of high school to start college, they simply cannot wait to be independent and living on their own. Having very little privacy and having to constantly worry about curfews at home can get real old, real fast. While moms can often seem bossy, worrisome, naggy, and just totally unfair, as we grow older, we come to understand the reasoning behind the seemingly irrational behavior that mothers so often engage in.

When we are young, and even as we get older, we always seem to think we know everything. While it is often difficult for people to be told that they are wrong, nothing ever seems worse than our mother’s “I told you so” response to unfortunate outcomes. While it might feel as if our mothers don’t have faith in us, this is simply untrue. Our mothers want us to do well and to succeed in all that we do. They set rules for us at a young age so that we can learn to be the best individuals we possibly can. They want us to be happy and they want us to make the best decisions. When mothers give us their advice pertaining to specific subjects, however, we are often reluctant to take it because we believe that we know how to handle the situation even better. We often feel that they don’t understand us because “things are different now” since they are from “a different time”.

While our society is rapidly changing, our mothers are older than us and have been able to benefit from far more experiences. Our society may be a little bit different today, however, people have not changed. Many boys are still “players”, and alcohol does still seem to impair judgment and still does encourage us to make poor decisions. And while we might not want to talk to our mothers about these kinds of things because we don’t think they’d “get it,” they will, and they do.

When we are going through a difficult time and experiencing some kind of hardship, chances are that, whatever the hardship is, our mothers have had a similar experience at one point or another. Because this is most likely true, we might as well use these loving people in our life for their wise insight. Since we hear them say the phrase, “I told you so,” too many times to count, they must know something, right?!

No matter how much we age, our mothers will always be older and more experienced, and that counts for something! Even if you might not always agree with them, their opinion does matter. Whether we are a stressed student in college who is away at school or a middle aged working woman with a family, we will always be calling up our moms for advice about certain situations because “mother knows best!”and in this new age of technology, communicating to one another is easier than ever before! We need the love, the support, and the assistance that mothers are quick to give. No matter how successful and independent we are, mothers are able to provide us with the kind of support we try to pretend we do not need.

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