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Why Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rap

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it seems as if I’m the only person who’s actually looking forward to it. The holiday historically commemorated the death of a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine, but over time, the day has become a celebration of love, romance, and admiration. I’ve had a special appreciation for Valentine’s Day ever since I was little; writing Valentine’s cards, decorating my mailbox, and delivering candy grams to my classmates while eating heart-shaped cookies was the highlight of my school year. Things have changed since then, but every year I still anticipate February 14. Valentine’s Day doesn’t deserve your hate – here’s why!

It can be celebrated in so many different ways

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t as horrible as it’s often shaped out to be. Although it can be nice to share the holiday with a significant other, it’s not necessary! Valentine’s Day is all about love, which comes in many forms. Show some self-love by buying yourself a sweet treat from a bakery, or apply a facemask and have a cozy, stress-free night in. Celebrate friendship and grab brunch with your closest friends, or show your mom how much you appreciate her with a nice card and quality time. If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a great day for celebrating your love for one another through thoughtful acts of kindness. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive

One of the biggest critiques of Valentine’s Day is that it has become a commercialized holiday. Some people believe that there’s a lot of pressure put on couples to splurge on roses, chocolates, and expensive dinners, but truth be told, Valentine’s Day can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be! I personally love receiving cards and being told how much I’m appreciated, but I also love putting together sentimental gifts for my parents and my partner. Whether the gifts are handmade or bought from a store, anyone would appreciate receiving a token of your love.

A holiday is a holiday!

I’ve also heard people complain that we shouldn’t limit the celebration of love to only one day out of the year. Of course, love should be expressed every day, but it doesn’t hurt to dedicate a day to show appreciation to your loved ones! We celebrate our independence on the Fourth of July and our gratitude on Thanksgiving, so Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be any different. Plus, Valentine’s Day breaks up the cold, bleak winter months with a colorful and joyful holiday.

Whether I convinced you or not, Valentine’s Day will always have a special place in my heart. If there’s anything worth celebrating, it’s love! We need more love in the world, so let’s spread it as much as we can this Valentine’s Day. <3

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