Why Selena Gomez Should Be Your Next Girl Crush

1. She always looks flawless 

Selena has an amazing sense of style. She always wears outfits that are flattering to her figure and she rocks any kind of look. She can be glamorous, sultry, girly, and classic all at once. 

2. Her new album is fire

Selena’s Revival is hands-down the best album she has released. It showcases a variety of song types, including haunting break-up songs, fun pieces about going out with your girls, and independence anthems that’ll surely allow you to channel your inner HBIC. There are songs about inner strength, love, heartbreak, and learning to love yourself. The music on this album is much more mature and alluring than some of her previous work. The music is extremely catchy, no doubt, but there is an underlying tone of sensuality that any girl would love to listen to (and definitely some guys too). 

3. She’s multifaceted 

Selena is a singer, dancer, actress, and philanthropist. She broke into the scene on Barney and Friends when she was very young, but most of us really got to know her on Disney Channel as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then, she has been in a bunch of movies. In addition, she has released 3 albums and toured around the world. Selena is also involved with multiple foundations and charities, including ALS Association, Free The Children, and UNICEF. 

4. She has shown her strength through her fight against lupus

Selena was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease Lupus that she, unfortunately, will be living with for the rest of her life. However, she has expressed that as long as she continues to take care of herself, she will be fine. Three years ago, she underwent chemotherapy in order to treat her disease and decided to keep it private until she recently explained her battle and is using her story as a platform to help others understand the disease. She is only 23 years old, but having to deal with something this life-changing, and coming out stronger says a lot about her character. 

 5. Her Instagram game is on point

Selena has a flawless and intriguing Instagram account. It showcases her daily life including pictures of her family, her friends, magazine covers she has recently been in, updates about her album, shots of her getting ready for major events, and the kind of sultry selfies that only Selena Gomez could take. 

6. Her hair always looks like it’s full of secrets

She has the most voluminous and gorgeous hair. It’s impossible not to notice that her hair is literally always on fleek (even in that messy bun in the music video for "The Heart Wants What It Wants"). She’s even in a commercial for Pantene, and we all know you have to have magical hair to be in one of those! Look at that hair flip! *chills*

7. She makes sexy outfits look classy

Selena has proven that she still holds on to her character Alex Russo because she is an absolute wizard in the art of being simultaneously sexy and classy. Don’t get it twisted, that is no easy feat. 

8. She preaches the importance of being yourself

Selena is all kinds of confident and sexy but she is also very down to earth and fun! She is the first person to admit that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is funny and sweet and it shines through her at all times. She seems like a genuinely great person who doesn't feed into what people say about her and believes that you shouldn't either. Remember "Who Says?" That was a confidence-boosting masterpiece.

9. One of her role models is the iconic Selena Quintanilla

Selena has revealed that she grew up learning about the legend and looking up to her namesake. Selena’s father is of Mexican descent and she always felt she could identify with the Mexican singer who tragically passed away in 1995. She added her own vocals to one of the artist’s most popular songs.

10. She knows when to do what’s best for her 

As we all know, Selena was in a very public on-again/off-again relationship with Justin Bieber for years. Though they loved each other, they just didn’t work out. Selena was clearly wounded by their separation, which she reflects upon in her music. However, she is the perfect example of a woman who recognizes what she deserves and seeks it, even if it hurts at the moment. She is strong on her own. 

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