Why Hamilton Will Be Your New Favorite Musical

If you have been paying attention to any social media platform in the past few months, you would know that that new hit musical, Hamilton, has sung its way into our ears and our hearts. Here are some reasons why Hamilton will be your new favorite musical.

1. The music is ridiculous.

For those who have not listened to the soundtrack (pssst it’s on Spotify!), the musical is mainly rapped and sung. Hamilton actually started off as a musical, not a mixtape. The writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, said he wanted to make an hip-hop album about Alexander Hamilton and pictured the characters as various hip-hop artists.

2. ...and there’s actually going to be a mixtape.

Miranda has tweeted that there is going to be a The Hamilton Mixtape, which will feature remixes and covers.

3. The cast is mainly made of people of color.

This is huge. Miranda has said that when he was younger, he could barely play any parts in any musicals due to his ethnicity. This is such a big step having people of color playing the founding fathers.

4. It makes history cool again.

For those of us who don’t remember the American Revolution from high school, the musical looks into the lives of the people that made it happen.

Hamilton is revolutionizing (pun intended) the musical theatre scene. The show breaks free from the stereotypical musical format and makes its own rules. With songs that make like a Drake mixtape and a twist on the Revolution, Hamilton will soon become your favorite musical. 

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