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Where Are All The Good Men Hiding

It’s just that time of year. It's spring, and while they say love is in the air, one needs only to be reminded of the recent passing of Valentine's Day to remind us all of how romantically deprived we are. Regardless, we always seem to flock to the same places for new eye candy; frats, bars, and off-campus parties.

Hook-ups are one thing, but starting a relationship with someone who is stumbling when he introduces himself to you, hits on you and every other girl at the bar, and buys you a drink but makes you feel like you owe him something because of the money he spent may not be the quality of guy you are looking for. Instead, don’t try so hard. After all, we tend to find love when and where we least expect it. Rather than worrying about what party or bar you should make an appearance at, just keep on doing you.  

Taking a little bit of extra time out of your day to turn the flirt on with a guy in your class, at your job, at the gym, or at any of the other activities or clubs you are normally involved in can’t hurt. In fact, it can only help! Finding a guy who shares common interests with you instantly gives you a conversation starter, and spending time with someone who likes to talk about and do the same things as you can be fun. It’s like a friend, but better. As the saying goes, “friends make the best lovers.

Finding a guy in one of your classes could mean that he is interested in the subject as well, unless it’s a Gen Ed that you are required to take, in which case bonding over your mutual hatred of the subject could help bring you even closer as well. Your job might even be able to help you meet a guy who shares a similar passion. If you’re stuck with the people you’re working with for long shifts, you might as well find someway to pass the time. Finding a guy at the gym not only means meeting someone who takes his health seriously, but it also means finding someone who still thinks you’re cute even in all your sweat-stained glory.

Debaucherous parties and clubs that reek of alcohol are not the only settings available to meet guys. They should be the last place to look. Take advantage of all the organizations that the campus has to offer and look for guys who are involved in the same ones as you! You’ll always be able to meet a guy drunk enough to throw up at your feet, but you won’t be able to be a part of all the clubs and activities in at school forever. 

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