When Good Girls Go Bad: Why Sandy From Grease Is An Inspiration

We all know Sandy from Grease as the good girl gone bad. Yet she proves to be an inspiration to all women by the end of the movie and this is why.

Sandy is an innocent and caring girl that wears sweaters and long skirts with her hair always pulled back. She speaks kindly to everyone and never has a negative thing to say. Sandy falls in love with Danny who is a greaser, when they met and spent the summer together. Sandy was taken back when Danny maintained his bad boy image that she didn’t know about over the summer. At first she didn't understand why he acted the way that he did, and this is when she realizes that she needs to change. Danny came to the same realization as her and wanted to become a jock in order to please her desires.

The last day of school, the students celebrate their graduation at the fair on school grounds, Sandy shows up wearing all leather, hair curled, and red lipstick while smoking a cigarette. Danny immediately reacts with a huge smile and they begin singing “You’re The One That I Want.” 

Like most girls, we want our men to love us in every way. Most people see the blatant truth that Sandy changes completely just so her boyfriend Danny will be more attracted to her. But the reality of it is that when you love someone, in order for the relationship to grow then both people sometimes have to step out of their comfort zone and open up. It is about compromise and never losing hope. Sandy is a great inspiration because she did what most girls would be afraid to do. She took a chance at love, even though love had hurt her before.

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