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What Zodiac Signs I Think The ‘You’ Characters Are

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the TV show ‘You’.

In honor of the third season of the super successful Netflix show You, I feel like it would be only fitting to combine that, and the next hottest topic in town at the moment: astrology. While watching the show, I also did sometimes find myself wondering which zodiac signs the characters would be, so I narrowed down what I thought of each sign (for season three in particular). I’m going to pick five of the most notable characters from Season 3, so let’s see if you agree!

1.) Joe Goldberg: Scorpio

Don’t even fight me on this; you can’t even deny this one! I think he does a great job at hiding his stalker, obsessive, too-passionate tendencies which is why I think he couldn’t be anything but a Scorpio. He’s a perfect husband when he wants to be, and the perfect serial killer when he wants to be. This perfectly demonstrates the Scorpio traits of being secretive, loyal, and intuitive. Sleep with one eye open Madre Linda, a Scorpio serial killer never worked out for anybody.

2.) Love Quinn-Goldberg: Cancer

I know there are a lot of people out there who think Love could be a lot of other zodiac signs, but I think she’s almost the perfect representation of a Cancer. She’s protective of her own and a literal ‘ride-or-die,’ but at the same time, she is intensely moody and impulsive. She tries to be the perfect version of herself for the sake of those she loves, but her hidden streak of destructiveness shows through once in a while.

3.) Marienne Bellamy: Sagittarius

These signs are known to be philosophical, deep, and honest — all the things library manager Marienne is. After all, aren’t these the qualities that attracted Joe to Marienne in the first place? She is sophisticated and strong, but not without her own challenges. Sagittariuses tend to struggle with certain coping mechanisms, as does Marienne with her struggle with addiction in the past. She comes out stronger than ever later with a drive to give herself and her daughter a better life.

4.) Theo Engler: Aries

While I don’t know the most about Aries, it seems like Theo lines up with everything that seems to be true about an Aries: ambitious, quick to fall in love, and reckless. Theo is a 19-year-old Stanford student who falls in love with married mother Love Quinn-Goldberg without a second thought. Do the three qualities above line up now? Yup, I thought as much. Being a fire sign, he’s deeply motivated to protect those he loves, and it shows in his actions to keep Love out of harm’s way. This is ironic when she is the harm’s way.

5.) Sherry Conrad: Leo

If she’s not the loudest person in the room, is Sherry even at the party? A typical Leo, Sherry knows how to get things her way. She is the life of the party and knows how to have a good time. She can be a little draining at times and can be difficult to handle, but she knows exactly how to sweet talk her way out of situations. Miss Popular has no trouble speaking her mind, and is visibly fiercely protective of her family. Her ‘love yourself first’ motto shines through like no other — but we wouldn’t love her as much without it.

All things kept in mind, I do have to give out a little disclaimer that these characters were disturbing to watch, and no amount of explaining actions based on astrology can justify some of their actions. That being said, I do highly recommend watching the thrilling third season of You. It will keep you engaged until the very last minute. I would know, I binged all the episodes in a single day! No one has to know… except you, Joe. You would know, wouldn’t you?

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