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What Zodiac Sign I Would Give To The Cast of “Stranger Things” and Why

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

A Netflix original series, Stranger Things, quickly became an internet sensation when the first season was released in 2016. Taking place in Hawkins, Indiana, the main characters encounter supernatural activities and try to defeat its power to end the world. But since most of them are under 18, their love lives and friendships definitely intervene. If you watch the show, as everyone should, you will know that all of the characters have extremely strong personalities. Some of these personalities clash while others bond romantically. Let’s dive deeper into some of these characters’ personality traits and assign zodiac signs to the individuals to help understand why some bond better than others.


Steve fits the description of a true Capricorn. He is perceived to have “golden retriever puppy” energy: playful, lovable, innocent, and loyal. Not only do Capricorns resemble golden retriever puppy traits, but they also tend to be extremely committed. Steve has displayed immense commitment to all of the younger characters in the show by driving them around and protecting them.

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Jonathon expresses most of his Aquarius traits through his humor and his relationship with Nancy. He is quick to be charming with his humor and how he expresses it, however, once he is in a relationship, he is also quick to drift. If the relationship is not constantly fun, spontaneous, and exciting, Aquarius people tend to emotionally drift away from the relationship.


I am proud to present that I believe El is a Taurus. Personally, I find this to be no surprise because of her love for food, the fact that she is stubborn, and her selflessness. Every Taurus girl loves their food and El’s obsession with Eggo waffles is quite comical. She is also a faithful and dedicated friend who puts her life at risk every season to save the people she loves. However, don’t make her mad, and remember: friends don’t lie.

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Like every Gemini, Max is a social butterfly that makes every activity fun and enjoyable. Showing affection through chatting and laughter is Max’s favorite thing; she is able to turn shopping at the mall into your new favorite day. But when a Gemini like Max is unhappy, they will let it show by not being their verbally expressive and laughing self. This may make a friend of a Gemini feel unloved and unwanted, thus explaining the breakup between her and Lucas. 


Speaking of Lucas, he fits the role of a Cancer. A typical Cancer is good at pretending to have a good time, but on the inside, is overthinking everything. The audience can see this trait when Lucas joins the basketball team and tries his hardest to fit in when in reality, he seems to not even like his teammates. To explain him and Max, when Cancers fall in love, they fall hard, and it is hard to get rid of them. After Max breaks up with Lucas, he still frequently checks in on her and protects her from Vecna.


As Lizzo would say in her song “Tempo,” “I’ve been waitin’ for this one.” When meeting a Leo, you will be judged and measured. This is why Mike thinks he always gets to say who can and cannot be accepted into the friend group. Regardless of everyone’s suspicions, he was the one to accept El into the friend group, and although everyone in the friend group liked Max, he was reluctant to let her in.


As the hardworking and smart young lady that she is, Nancy is a proud Virgo. She is determined and dedicated to her education and her future career of being a journalist. As a typical Virgo, she does not accept anything that is not backed up by logic and evidence. With that being said, she does not take advice from anyone. This idea can help explain why her and Steve’s relationship did not last long.


Who could have guessed it; the fun, upbeat, and self-sufficient Sagittarius that he is will always leave you laughing. Despite Eddie being dangerously involved in trouble, he is always optimistic and dedicated to making other people happy without asking for anything in return. His Sagittarius traits of being antagonistic, strange, and rebellious are well-liked by his new friend group and viewers, but it is unfortunately what made him feel like such an outsider in high school and also what got him in trouble with the police and with the town. 

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