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What We Learned From Old School Disney Channel Original Movies

Watching Disney Channel Original Movies taught us more than just how to draw the Mickey symbol in the corner of the screen.

Halloweentown made us believe in a land of magic around the same time as Harry Potter.

Zenon showed us the difference between living on Earth and in space. And about crazy fashion trends.

Quints represented that dealing with a baby, let alone four baby siblings is not something a teenage girl should do.

Cadet Kelly taught us that having a free spirit is important, even at a military school.

Get a Clue put solving a mystery on every girl’s bucket list in order to be just like (the old) Lindsay Lohan.

The Even Stevens Movie made us realize that movies based off of awesome TV shows are also awesome.

Go Figure encourages every girl to play whatever sport she can and that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.


It’s like a trip down memory lane!

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Karen Podorefsky

U Mass Amherst

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