What Really Matters in Life

In a world where the media has such a great influence on society, it can be easy to develop high expectations for ourselves.  Money, popularity, bikini bodies, big houses, and expensive things are all typical desires many of us have from time to time.  Millions are affected by today’s societal expectations – searching things like, “How to get a flat stomach,” “How to be popular,” and even “How to get him/her to like me.”  Sound familiar?  We all tend to follow the crowd, rather than just be ourselves.

As a result, we can oftentimes lose our sense of self and get lost in what we think is expected of us or considered ‘normal.’  We try to live up to the expectations of society and of those around us, in hopes to attain approval and validation.  However, if we just opened our eyes and realized what’s really important, we could let go of the unnecessary burdens we put on ourselves and we can achieve a better overall quality of life.  So the question remains, what really matters in life?

Consider the kinds of things you’re passionate about.  What are some of your goals or interests, values, or beliefs?  The way you look at life, the person you strive to be, and the way you treat others – all of these traits and more are the qualities that help shape you into the person you are.  Embracing your authentic self is so important to helping you achieve your best self and live your best life. 

In addition to staying true to who we are, we must also take care of ourselves and show some self-love!  Don’t compare yourself to others – they’re not going where you’re going. Make sure to be kind to yourself too.  Mistakes are inevitable and no one has it all together right away.  Allow yourself to fall on your face and learn to laugh at yourself!  Most importantly, treat yourself!  Forget the salad and just eat the pizza!  Make time for yourself once in a while too – we all need a break sometimes.

Making the most of your time here on Earth is essential for living a happy, fulfilled life.  Love the people in your life; be grateful for what you have; and learn to forgive and forget.  Discover your purpose, find what makes you happy, and do the things you want to do because life is far too short to not live it.  Live intentionally and take advantage of the opportunities and experiences you come across.  Meet new people, try new things, do things you’re afraid to do, and jump out of your comfort zone – only then will you truly thrive. 

When it all comes down to it, life isn’t about a destination; but it’s about the journey.  Enjoy the ride – mistakes and all.  Making mistakes is how we learn and grow; so accept them, embrace them, and use them to better yourself going forward.  Ten years from now, you won’t remember that bad hair day, the exam you flunked, or the interview-gone-wrong.  You’ll remember the people in your life, the memories you made, and the adventures you had.  In the end, we only regret the chances we don’t take; so take chances, live your life, and do the things that make you happy.  You only get one life so live it well because that’s what really matters.


Images courtesy to the author (via Canva).