What it's Like Having the Tina to Your Louise

Tina and Louise Belcher are both such majestic creatures, very different, but still an incredible dynamic duo. They fight, they low-key manipulate each other (read: Louise manipulates Tina), but at the end of every episode you know they love each other very much and would do just about anything for the other. In real life, you might have a Tina to your Louise, and if you do – you know exactly what I’m talking about.

1. You can be completely melodramatic in front of them and they’ll only judge you a little bit – in a loving way, of course.

2. Sometimes you fight, but it’s usually over something stupid.

3. You can call each other out on the BS you say.

4. There’s no shame in discussing your innermost thoughts.

5. You’re really close – like share-intimate-health-issues close.

6. It’s quite possible they know what you’re feeling before you do.

7. You know what to say to the other in order to get what you want.

8. You encourage each other to appreciate individuality.

9. Their enemies are now your enemies.

10. You can say cheesy things to them and they’ll get you 100%.

Sometimes you might feel more like siblings than friends, which is good and bad. But through it all you’ll always have each other’s backs. So go tell your Tina how much you love her. 

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