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We Never Go Out of Style: 2015 Oscars Best Dressed

Now that the hype has died down and you’re hopefully over the snubs, we’re here to take a look at what various celebrities wore on the red carpet at the year’s most prestigious awards show. Between looking up what the net worth of some of these stars are (hint: they’re hella rich) and crying about my student loans (hint: I’m hella broke), this Collegiette has come up with a list of the 2015 Academy Awards’ best dressed.

1. Rosamund Pike – Nominated for Best Actress for her role as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl

In my humble opinion, Rosamund Pike killed it at this year’s Oscars with her Givenchy gown. Red is such a classic color, and paired with strappy heels, an elegant uplook and a tight fit made Pike a winner despite her not winning the Oscar.

2. Neil Patrick Harris – Oscars host

The host wore a Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo and tie to the event. Given that a black-and-white tux is the go-to move for for guys awards shows, we admire how NPH went bold with a gray tux. The smooth lapels are everything. And bonus – his cute husband, David Burtka, in a Calvin Klein Collection tuxedo.

3. Anna Kendrick

Kendrick looked absolutely breathtaking in Thakoon. The color, the neckline, the updo – she may not have been up for any awards, but she definitely won the red carpet game.

4. David Oyelowo 

Despite Oyelowo being snubbed for his incredible portrayal of  Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma ( I’m still kind of upset, to be honest.), he brought his A-game for the Oscars. I honestly have never seen a suit in this color, and Oyelowo pulled it off amazingly. He was a standout in this year’s film industry, and he was a standout on the red carpet.

5. Jennifer Aniston

A serious question: does Jennifer Aniston ever age? I think I have more wrinkles at age 21 than she does at age 46. She’s stunning, and always a classic beauty at formal events. Her gown this year is from Versace. A personal favorite of mine, I look forward to each and every time Aniston steps foot on a carpet.

6. Eddie Redmayne – Nominated (and won) Best Actor for his role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything

Just look at this cutie. If he didn’t break your heart as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, do you even have a heart? Redmayne looked dapper in his Alexander McQueen navy blue tux with black lapels, and it looked even better with the Best Actor Oscar in tow.

7. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o can do no wrong. She’s consistently killed it at every carpet she’s ever walked, picking gown colors that absolutely glow against her skin tone. This custom-made Calvin Klein Collection gown had about 6,000 pearls hand-sewn on to it – incredible. The cut, the neckline and the simplicity of the dress made Nyong’o a winner, despite not being up for any awards. Her gown from last year’s Oscars is still, hands down, my favorite gown in the world.

8. Chris Evans

This local cutie looks like an old-time movie star – classically handsome in a sleek black and white Gucci tux. To be fair, Evans could wear just about anything and would still probably make my best-dressed list.

9. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu looked like an absolute dream. While the top and texture was unconventional, it worked with her skin tone and the simplicity of her makeup and hair style made this look an A in our book.

10. Steve Carell – Nominated for Best Actor for his role as John du Pont in Foxcatcher

If I’m being honest, I put Steve Carell on this list for the pure hot dad vibes he was giving out. Nothing like a hot, middle-aged man to make you question everything you’ve ever known. His Brunello Cucinelli tux was classic, and the combination of scruff and beard had us like:

Who was on your best-dressed list, Collegiettes?

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