Ways You Can Manage Your Money and Stop Splurging

It is so easy to just splurge and give into your urges. I know that I always want to. Anyways here are some ways you can start saving through your many urges to splurge.

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Quality Over Quantity 

Purchases should always be thought of as long term investments. Now as especially with clothes, you go on your shopping app and see so many clothes you want to have, you put them all in your favorite section. Then you wonder how can I choose? I can't afford all this. Here's what you can do. Think about what will last you effectively for the longest while. For example, with jackets, there are so many jackets around that look great but they aren't going to last forever. There are going to be rips and tears in it which is why you would invest into a wool jacket that lasts long term. Or with boots, you could buy actual good quality leather that will last. Generally, materials that will last you for a while are cotton, wool, linen, silk, and cashmere. I know some of these can be quite expensive, but it's a great investment for the long run. 

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Buying in Bulk for Groceries instead of Small Increments

You would think that making small cheap purchases weekly or even biweekly save money, but if you add it all up, it would cost a lot more money than buying in bulk. And not the fresh products, those need to be regularly purchased, however dry or frozen products like paper towels, cans of food, certain cheeses, frozen meat, and rice are always smart to buy in bulk. That way, you don't need to spend any money for about the next two months. 

Switch to Cash

If you really feel the need to buy something or want to reward yourself, it's better not to hurt your bank account. Using cash will keep your credit low and maintain money in your bank account.

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Over your Credit Limit?

The best method for this is to either increase your credit limit or start working on your budgeting. You can do this by seeing how much you should be spending and divide all your purchases from there. 

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Staying Organized

What helps me curb my splurging urges, especially with Trader Joe's and clothing shopping, is making a wish list every month. Whenever I want clothes, certain Amazon orders, or groceries, I would just split amongst these items for what I can pay for each month. A wish list is helpful because it ensures that you make a list of all of your purchases for the month. It's easy to just use your card and think its a one time thing, but you want to see how much you are really paying each month. 

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These methods are very cost effective and very helpful - Sidrat proven! Anyways, don't be discouraged, you can win the battle! Happy April!