Watch Out for These 2017 Pop Culture Icons This Halloween

2017 has been a strange and wild year so far. A lot has happened — and a lot of memes have been created as a result. Luckily, Halloween is just around the corner, so we'll get to see these ridiculous icons in costume form. Keep an eye out for these costumes at your next Halloween party.

1. "Cash Me Ousside" Girl

If you don’t remember Danielle Bregoli breaking the internet this past year with her famous interview on Dr. Phil, you probably don’t have a Twitter. This costume can be mastered with simply a black tank top, a gold chain and hoop earrings — and don't forget your best “howbow dah."

2. Salt Bae

Although his big break was only momentary, no one can forget the salt-finessing meme, Salt Bae. Not to mention, this is the easiest costume ever, and really only requires a white t-shirt, black round sunglasses, and for that extra touch, a salt shaker.

3. Donald Trump

Try as we might, it will be hard to look back at 2017 and not be reminded of Donald Trump's first year in office. This costume can be achieved by simply wearing a suit and a ridiculous yellow comb-over wig. If you really want to outdo yourself this year, perfect the look with a bright orange spray tan. 

4. Kylie Jenner

Just when we thought Kylie couldn't take over 2017 more, we were hit with pregnancy rumors. Between the rumors, her reality TV show and Kylie Cosmetics, everywhere we've turned in 2017 has been aggressively KYLIE, and we can bet this trend is only going to continue into Halloween. This look can be achieved anyway you want with just a dress and heels, but the key components are the over-lined lips and the wild wigs. If you really want to take it the extra mile, add a baby bump.

5. 13 Reasons Why Characters

This controversial Netflix original came out this past year as well, and before we knew it, everyone was watching. It quickly became everyone’s favorite show to binge watch, so I know I won't be surprised if I find a Hannah Baker at a Halloween party. Although the costumes require basic, everyday clothing, each character has a distinct look that you could have fun with. For example, if you happen to have an old letterman jacket lying around in your closet, you can instantly become the perfect Justin Foley!

6. Cardi B

Following her recent accomplishment of being the first solo female rapper to hit Billboard’s No.1 since 1998, it’s pretty clear Cardi B has taken over 2017. Honestly, you can’t walk into a house party on the weekends without hearing “Bodak Yellow” at least once. For this costume, you'll want to take a similar approach to the Kylie costume with the dress, heels and wig, but the part that will make or break the look is making sure you're rocking your best girl-boss Cardi attitude.  

Images: 123456