Is Vyve the New Hot Dating App?

Have you ever been scrolling through an online dating app, let’s say Tinder for example, and wondered why there wasn't more to your profile than just these pictures of yourself that you uploaded? What happened to dating and having meaningful conversations with someone you could be interested in? The new dating app called Vyve looks like it might have a solution. The app features some cool things to check out that could potentially change online dating for the future.

Vyve doesn't show the pictures you put up on your profile until the person you matched with and you have a meaningful conversation through the app. Then, it reveals what you look like. Pretty cool, right? It makes me wonder why someone didn't make this kind of app sooner. The app changes the stigma around just going off what someone looks like, and connects you with people who you talk to.

Chris Moskal and Daniel Russo created Vyve for users to have the opportunity to show off more than just their looks, but who they are as a person. Russo says, “Vyve is about finding someone who loves you for you.”

Seems like this app should’ve been invented so long ago! And it’s an interesting concept, the term “love at first sight” doesn't really come into play here. You meet someone, and you’re exposed to nothing but a blurred out picture of them that doesn't reappear until you’re asked if you want to view each other’s profiles.

Juliana Scialabba, the co-founder, marketing manager, and graphic designer for the app she said in an email interview with Cosmopolitan that, “This is a way to stand out with your words, not your pictures. Vyve takes all of that physical judgment and puts it secondary to a good conversation.”

Unlike Tinder where you create your own online profile yourself, or set it up through your Facebook profile, Vyve has to approve of you through a short application before you are allowed to chat with others on the app.

When you open the app, to create your profile it asks you to first “describe your personality with one word.” Then you upload a picture of yourself doing “something you love”, and then you “tell your story.” This is your application to apply to get your profile online. It’s quick and easy to fill out!

Russo added that, “We wanted to ensure people did not become so obsessed with the whole: ‘I’ll just chat with everyone for a bit, see their photos and then move on.’ We wanted to avoid stepping in to the whole hook-up culture.” 

Say good-bye to swiping right for this app, because Vyve matches you based off how you answer some of their ice breaker questions.

The hook-up culture is one thing millennials are often known for, as if dating sometimes seems like it’s out of the question, but Vyve knows otherwise. By chatting with someone as the main importance of the app, you’re more likely to connect and actually get to know someone compared to other dating apps. It’s quite unique, and the new app should be on the rise shortly.

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