The Various Emotions One Experiences in a Lecture (Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch)

We all know lectures can be the worst...

...and that getting out of bed for them is miserable.

Yet you find a way to yank yourself out of bed, dress, and make it to class. Always trying your best to walk in with swagger and totally not like you just woke up.  

If you see a friend, they are probably going to make some comment on how tired you look.

If you're alone, you attempt to look super intimidating so no one will sit near you. Of course, it doesn't work.

Sometimes even your professor is late. You could still be sleeping!

Finally, your professor strolls in. You're in a state of utter annoyance at his tardiness, yet all he offers is a simple... 

Once class begins, your professor talks on and on for a good twenty minutes. After which he turns to the class and asks, "Any questions?" And you're just kind of like...

You are finally allowed to leave! Now only two more days until you have to suffer through it again.

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