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University Tees

Whether you need apparel for an event or simply want to order a new pair of sweatpants University Tees is the place for you. Created to cater to the student body with its low cost, stylish design and easy to order bird bank, there is no place better to get your new favorite sweat shirt. 

Rachael Gilman the campus manager at University Tees has shared with us everything you need to know about this impressive company.

1) What is University Tees?
University Tees is a custom apparel and promotional products company. Tee shirts, hats, sweatpants, aluminum water bottles, sunglasses, and the list goes on and on. The company is based in Cleveland, OH and is present on over 100 campuses nation-wide.

2) How did you get your start with University Tees?

I received an email through my sorority from University Tees informing me about the company, the position of being a campus manager, and what kind of students they were looking to hire. They wanted a student that was a self-starter, familiar with events and groups on campus, and someone who was involved in the Greek community I applied and after the interview process I was hired.

3) Why do you think this company is beneficial to UMass?
University Tees has been and will be very beneficial to the UMass community; the dynamic of students working with students is one that gives University Tees an edge. We are beneficial to the UMass community because we have the student’s best interest at heart. As a campus manager it is up to my discretion to apply a discount to any order, if any student group has a tight budget I will never hesitate to give them a discount even though I take a hit on my commission. Yes, making a profit is a good goal but it doesn’t have to be the only one, we are a company where students work with students.

A few key things that make us stand out is our Bird Bank and our pricing. Bird Bank is an option we give to our clients who are taking on big group orders to make their lives simple. After a customer creates an order, we create a Bird Bank for it. This allows individuals to sign up for the product being sold and they pay individually online without the project organizer needing to go through the hassle of collecting money.

Another great thing about University Tees is that we do not charge for tax or shipping, if you have ever ordered any custom apparel products you know that when you are checking out of your order tax and shipping can be a big problem.

4) What sort of products do you sell?
We can put a custom design on anything if you want us to but our most popular products are basic clothing items, tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, pennies, hats, sunglasses, fanny packs, and any other product listed in our giant and well rounded apparel catalog.

5) How can a group or event coordinator contact you about buying from University Tees?
People can email me at rachael.gilman@universitytees.com to get started in the ordering process. We just became an UMass approved vendor and are excited to work with all the groups on campus. 

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