UMass Greek Week 2016: As Told by Harry Potter GIFs

Every spring semester, the Greek community at UMass comes together for a week of challenges and competitions called “Greek Week.” Each sorority on campus (7, soon to be 8 next year) is paired up with a couple fraternities to create a team. Each year has a different theme, and this year it was TV shows: everything from Friends to Friday Night Lights to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Here are some of the feelings you may or may not have had during UMass Greek Week 2016.

When we all found out what teams we were on and the TV shows were assigned, the excitement was clear and we knew Greek Week was on its way!


This day was the start of Greek Week! It was UDance and the week began with dancing for the kids. Teams all showed their support and came out for the 12-hour dance marathon, excited for the week to start.


Snow?! Wait… I thought it was APRIL. How are we going to play football and powderpuff ….

The games are CANCELLED, you say?!




While we started off the week with an unusual beginning, all teams had their dancing shoes on for Lip Sync…

And Greek God & Goddess ended our Tuesday with new royalty in our Greek community.


The Holocaust speaker all touched our hearts and left us with memories that I’m sure we will all remember.


Our brains were tested with trivia…and also our ability to compile cans into artistic castles.


Volleyball left us all freezing with cold sand in between our toes. Who knew April could be this cold, or that our outfits for the costume contest should have involved more layers?


Dodgeball left us all like….

And the All-Greek BBQ too.


When we FINALLY were able to play football and powderpuff.

.... But then the games were postponed yet again

The following Wednesday:

When we found out powderpuff and football were on again….

And then, yet again, postponed…

And... the Thursday after that:

Finally, powderpuff and football were played…

When the Greek Week (Month) 2016 finally came to a close and scores were set! Congrats Blue Team!

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