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A UMass Bucket List, as Told by a Second-Semester Senior

It’s your second semester of senior year already. Wow, where did time go? You probably still remember Move-In Day freshman year like it was yesterday — the stress, excitement, and heavy lifting of all the items you barely ended up using, but nonetheless you argued with your dad that they were all necessary for your survival at school.

Now it’s almost time to leave the place you’ve called “home” for the past four years. You thought you always had so much time left to do things. But in reality, you only have three and a half months left to do everything that you’ve wanted to on your bucket list since freshman year. Here’s the ultimate UMass bucket list of 35 things to do in your time left before graduation.

1. Eat at all the dining halls, retail dining locations, and cafes around campus.

I bet you haven’t been to them all. There’s Newman Center Cafe, Sylvan Snackbar, and Greeno Sub Shop. Not everyone has been to some of the amazing cafes we have around campus. It’s your mission to find them all and be thankful that we are number one in the nation for dining.

2. Go to a sports game for every single sport (or at least one each season).

There are hockey games, lacrosse games, baseball games, fencing matches, and more to attend! Show your spirit and get cheering with some UMass gear.

3. See a movie at Amherst Cinema.

4. Check out the new buildings on campus.

Spend time in the Design Building, South College, or the newly restored Old Chapel.

5. Eat at the University Club & Restaurant.

It’s an absolute must if you haven’t already. Be sure to go on a night you can use YCMP!

6. Attend the Miss Black & Gold Pageant.

This is a scholarship pageant that is held every year by Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. The 2017 pageant will be on Friday, Feb. 24 in the Campus Center Auditorium. 

7. Take a class at one of the other campuses in the Five College Consortium.

I never had a chance to do this, but I wish I had, because there are amazing schools in this area!

8. Join a random group just for fun — like the Paranormal Research Society or Super Smash Brother Club.

9. Visit the Orchard Hill Observatory.

It’s open either on Thursday or Friday nights (with good weather) to the public. The climb up the hill would certainly be worth it.

10. Go to Soulfest.

11. See the animals at UMass’s farm, Hadley Farm.

12. Try every slice at Antonio’s.

My mouth is watering just thinking about a slice. I don’t know how I’m going to live without them next year.

13. Go inside Memorial Hall and explore.

Did you know that at one time Memorial Hall was our student union with billiards and a bowling alley?

14. Visit every student business.

15. Check out the Rausch Mineral Gallery.

Located in Morrill Science Center II, this beauty is something to check out. It has over 250 specimens.

16. Go to a concert at Mullins.

The spring concert is my favorite, but there are so many others to choose, with artists like Zedd and Miranda Lambert in past attendance. 

17. Attend a ballroom dance lesson.

18. Pet some puppies at the therapy dog days during finals or midterms.

19. Find your favorite floor in Du Bois.

There’s 28 floors, so there’s bound to be one that you like.

20. Attend HASA/CASA.

HASA/CASA is an annual cultural night hosted by the Haitian American Student Association and Latinos Unidos. It’s a night full of delicious food and performances to bring unity between these two groups and celebrate the legacy of HASA/CASA.

21. Attend some Greek Week events.

Come see compeitions between Greek teams during events such as football, powderpuff, and lip sync competitions. This year’s will take place the first week in April.

22. Visit the University Art Museum or the Mead Amherst College Art Museum.

There’s even Amherst’s first Art Walk taking place the first Thursday of every month from 5-8 p.m. And … It’s always free!

23. Go to a painting wine night.

There are a few different places in the Amherst area where you can get in touch with your creative side. For example, Judie’s Art Bar or Wine & Canvas in the Hampshire Mall.

24. Find your perfect study tree.

In any college movie, you always see college students pondering their life, work, studies, or reading under a tree. On the next warm, sunny day, you should find one, too!

25. See improv and acapella shows.

Doo Wop Shop is one of my favorites, and I also love Mission: IMPROVable.

26. Go to Pasta E Basta.

27. Visit the Durfee Conservatory.

28. Print something with the 3-D printers in the library.

29. Attend a play or musical.

30. Go to a Late Night Movie by UPC in the Cape Cod Lounge.

Movies are screened every weekend, and are usually new releases. Has anyone seen “Moana” yet?

32. Swim in the Campus Pond.

Might not be totally sanitary, but hey, it’s on the list.

33. Use the Recreation Center and group fitness classes more often.

Attend Zumba or Spinning, and notice how lucky we are to have a facility this great.

34. Rock climb at the Central Rock Gym.

35. Figure out where the best coffee place is in Amherst.

There are so many great places to snag a latte in Amherst, but which is the best? You decide!

Make sure to make the most of your time left at UMass, Minutemen!

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