The UMass ABC's

We all know the regular ABC’s and learn it from a young age.  But now that we’re older and attend college, let’s change the list of the ABC’s to demonstrate all the things UMass Collegiettes know and love

AAmherst, obviously. Amherst has been ranked in the top 10 best college towns in the country according to US News. It really doesn’t get better than that! For such a small town, it makes a big statement!

B – Of all the “B” named dining facilities (Berkshire, BabyBerk, BabyBerk 2), nothing compares to the new Blue Wall in the Campus Center. With dozens of food options to fill any craving, it’s one of the best new additions to the campus.

C – The culture! From the concerts in the Mullins Center, the Humans vs. Zombies game in the fall, to cheering our basketball team on in the winter and spring, the culture at UMass makes our campus special.

D  – What makes UMass unique is the diversity. In 2013, the Freshman Class had students from 48 states and 2 territories, undergraduate students from 50 countries, and over 3,500 students of color. We are proud to represent all students here at UMass.

EEstablished on April 29, 1863, the flagship campus is 151 years old!

F – The Five College Consortium. UMass is a part of the Five College Consortium which includes the 4 surrounding colleges: Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College and Mount Holyoke College. What other schools can take classes for free at their neighboring schools? So cool!

G – We know Goodell as the Undergraduate Advising building, but we have UMass President Henry Goodell to thank for expanding the campus in the 1880s and giving the college more recognition

HHampshire Dining Common, our most recently renovated dining hall, is the best and super healthy. Their fresh fruit smoothies are especially delicious.

IThe Isenberg School of Management was ranked Number 36 of Business Schools for Undergraduates in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  With 8 undergraduate majors, Masters and Ph.D. programs, it really shows how hard working and intelligent our students and faculty are.

JJudie’s is one of my personal favorite restaurants in Amherst Center. Known for their popovers and French onion soup, it’s a great place to take your family when they come to visit.

K – K is for Kumble Subbaswamy, our 11th Chancellor of UMass Amherst. He began his role in July 2012 but has held many prestigious positions at other institutions prior to taking this job.  With published articles and a co-author of books, we are privileged to have a talented man as our Chancellor.

L – The Lederle Graduate Research Center is home to classrooms, offices and research laboratories for graduate students. If you love UMass so much you "Lederle" can't leave, you can come back for graduate school!

M – Go Minutemen and Minutewomen!

N – Another personal favorite of mine is the Newman Center Café. They have great breakfasts and sandwiches all for low prices! When you get tired of a dining hall, head over there for a change.

O – You know that old-looking building right next to the library? Well, it’s called the Old Chapel and it’s one of the oldest buildings on campus! It was built in 1884, when it was the campus library and home of the UMass Marching Band until 1997. Although it is currently vacant, alumni are trying to renovate it to bring the landmark back to life.

P – Don’t have a car on campus? No problem! The PVTA (Pioneer Valley Transit Authority) will take you anywhere you need to go and are nearly always running! Save money, help the environment and take the buses!

Q – The Quad in Northeast becomes home to many organizations outdoor activities throughout the year. When an activity isn’t going on, you can find students there enjoying the outdoors.

R – Did you know UMass is a Research Institution? This means that UMass has been endowed specifically for research and was given this title in 2003. You can read about their ongoing and past research here!

S – Something many people may not know about UMass is how committed it is to sustainability. The Princeton Review named UMass in the top 24 schools on their 2015 list of “Green Honor Roll Schools.” They scored a perfect 99 in a survey of about 900 schools! It has even caught President Obama’s attention and has congratulated the campus on its efforts!

T – The teachers. For all the professors that take their time to meet with us after class to explain concepts to us or edit our papers, we thank you for all you do!

U – A benefit of being 21 on campus is going to the UPub in the Campus Center. Grab your friends after class, get a beer and have some fun!

V – Did you know we have 21 Varsity Teams? All the more reason to show your UMass Pride!

W – The W.E.B. Dubois Library. Named after the sociologist, civil rights activist and Massachusetts native, the Dubois library stands at 26 stories making it the tallest library in the United States! For the best view, go to the 23rd floor!

X – X is for eXpansion, as our campus is always under construction. Every year, our campus gets new buildings and renovated workspaces to make our learning experience better. It might be annoying with all the construction around, but it is so worth it in the end.

YYou were, You are, UMass. Our slogan!

ZZooMass, a name that has become associated with UMass for decades now. Although we do know how to “party like zoo animals,” there’s so much more to our school than that.

There are many more amazing things about UMass than the 26 mentioned above. Make your own list of what you love about our school and enjoy your UMass experience, Collegiettes.

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