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The Ultimate Study Playlist

No matter the class, studying can be a tedious and stressful process. When I’m stressed about a test, an uplifting acoustic song can definitely help me relax. And when I’m bored from constant memorization, listening to some upbeat hits can help me channel my energy. It’s no secret that a good study playlist can definitely make it a lot easier. So, here is the ultimate study playlist to help you through those first few tests of the semester!


1. “Leave The Night On” by Sam Hunt

You’ll fall in love with this catchy, country love song!

2. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift

All I know is when I’m stuck in a studying rut, blasting some T-Swift can put me in a good mood.

3. “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding

This uplifting ballad will motivate you to try and ace that exam!

4. “Sangria” by Blake Shelton

I love this song because it’s not too upbeat, so I feel relaxed and calm once I crack open the books!

5. “Ghost” by Ella Henderson

This powerful song will definitely get you in study mode. I absolutely love her new album!

6. “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran

When don’t Ed Sheeran’s songs help you unwind? This catchy tune is sure to ensure minimum boredom while you study!

7. “Leaving You” – Radio Edit by Audien and Michael S.

This one actually puts me in a better mood when I study. Not only is it catchy, its lively EDM beat gives me a burst of energy.

8. “The Story I Heard” by Blind Pilot

The acoustic song and minimal lyrics will really help you stay focused.

9. “Closer” by Mike Stud

By just listening to the lyrics, you will feel 100% more motivated to study. “Cause I’ve been working harder now than I did at the startAnd I won’t stop ’till I get to the top,” and, “I swear I stay on my grind mode, I know I’m getting closer,” are definitely words I’d like to hear while I study!

10. “Chocolate” by The 1975

I can’t get enough of this song! It’s chill-vibe and acoustic flare will definitely remind you of summer and motivate you to get there with all A’s.

11. “Celeste” by Ezra Vine

I have become obsessed with this indie-pop artist. This song is very The Lumineers-esque, and will put you in a very calm, focused state-of-mind.

So study hard Collegiettes!

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