Turning 20 Soon? Here’s What You Can Expect.

Turning 20-years-old is a weird and exciting time in your life, and you might find yourself excited (or sad) to be leaving your teen years behind and turn 20. Even though you’re not 21-years-old yet, there still comes more responsibility than past years. 


Yes, more responsibility.

When you were a teenager, you could get away with not doing things on your own or having your parents make many of your appointments (even though this still does happen sometimes), it’s time to get out there and start doing things yourself. 

Say “hello” to a new doctor.

If you’re like me, and you’re also getting “kicked” out of your pediatrician to go see a real doctor, here’s your wake up call. Many places, by the time you're 20 or 21-years-old, suggest that you start looking for a new doctor. Nervous about who to go to? Ask your friends! Your pediatrician can also refer you to local doctors that they suggest you go to, so you don’t feel like you’re ending up with a random doctor. With this also comes a time in your life where you should begin to see a gynecologist. You’re doctor can also refer you, if you don’t feel comfortable asking friends. 

Make (and save) your money.

It’s important to have some money saved, whether it’s for shopping or future needs. Getting a job (on or off campus) is a great way to make money. With that said, it’s also easy to have all of this money saved in your bank account and want to spend it all on shopping and buying new things, but you should learn how to budget your money. Put aside an amount you want to be spending each week (either in your Notes app, on paper, or I.R.L) to keep yourself on track. This way, you’ll be more responsible about your money and have it saved in the long run for things you really want to buy!


Expect to be living (almost) on your own. 

While turning 20 in college, you will most likely be living off-campus. Even though you’ll be living with roommates, there is more responsibility than just living in the dorms. Expect to be preparing your own meals (when you’re not eating on-campus) and making simple meals that can be time efficient and still very yummy. Some of my go-to’s are salads with tuna, sweet potatoes with cinnamon, quinoa (you can buy it frozen and ready to make), and black bean pasta to name a  few dinner ideas. Oatmeal, banana and date smoothies, coconut yogurts, and so much more are also great for breakfast. It’s all about creating a list of groceries you love to eat, and finding the best meals that are both delicious and affordable. 


To have fun!

While it may seem sad leaving your teen years behind, it’s also an opportunity to start a new chapter in your life. Although it may seem like there’s more responsibility, it also comes with more freedom to do your own thing. Have fun and just enjoy being young and 20! 

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