True Life: The Struggles of Getting Ready to Go Out

So it’s the weekend

It’s been a long week. You pulled all-nighters studying for exams, your boss wanted you to work overtime, bae has been acting weird, and the very existence of people in general irritates you.

So you’re lying in bed watching reruns of Friends on Netflix, contemplating the meaning of life in your oversized sweats when you get a text. It’s one of your friends, trying to convince you to go out but you’re like:

But these people just aren’t taking no for answer. So, being a kind soul, you succumb to their wishes. You tell them it’s not going to take you long to get ready. Even though your closet is overflowing with the new online clothes you ordered last month (and still have not worn), your mind keeps telling you that you have nothing to wear, and you have a fashion crisis.

It took five wardrobe changes, but you managed to put a look together. Now it’s time to fix your hair…but wait, hold up. The Pandora mix you have blasting is killing it right now and you have to set aside a couple of minutes to drop it low in your outfit.

Is that really the time? You’ve spent the last half hour using your hair supplies as a microphone and you haven’t even started your makeup yet. By now, your friends are asking if you’re still alive. So to stall for time you tell them you’re almost done and you just need a few more minutes. Meanwhile your friends are like:

You decide you want your makeup to be exotic and edgy, so you bring out your inner makeup artist and pull up YouTube on your laptop. But there’s about a thousand tutorials and you don’t know which to choose because they all look so good.

The clock is ticking, so you choose the first one you see. You quickly apply the makeup and when you're done and ready to approach the mirror in fluorescent lighting in the bathroom, your mantra is “I look fly, I look good.” So you’re surprised because what you were expecting was this:

But instead the result was more like this:

By now the majority of your crew has already gone off to the party because they’re just about done dealing with you. However, there’s that one person from the squad, your designated partner in crime, who refuses to leave you hanging. They save what’s left of your dignity by turning your face into a normal human’s again.

Now that your look is one hundred percent complete, you’re ready to head out…but not before having a fashion strutting session around your room.

So just when you and your friend are strutting it towards the door you realized the television was left on, and when you go back to turn it off, you see a familiar logo pop up on the screen:

And your mind tells you:

So you proceed to binge watch like there’s no tomorrow. And by now the rest of the squad is wondering:

Can you relate to these struggles? If the answer is yes, just know you are definitely not alone.


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