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Trend Alert: Essential Items Your Spring Wardrobe Needs

Collegiettes, Spring is here and this means a few different things:

1. The semester is almost over.

2. Warmer and nicer weather.

3. We need to go shopping because all we have right now is sweaters, thermal bottoms, and boots.

So let’s say shopping is the most important, because well… it is. The mall and our favorite online retailers are filling up with new items and we can’t help the urge to pick up everything in sight. However, not everything we see is something we need.

Here are a few Spring essentials to add to your wardrobe this year:


Boyfriend Tees & Jeans

Pastel Colors

Sunnies (Different Shapes/Styles)

Chunky & Jelly Sandals

T-Shirt/Slip Dresses


Bold Prints

P.S.: The greatest thing about adding to your Spring wardrobe is the fact that you’re getting Summer started too. Happy shopping!

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