Touch Downs, Treats, and Tom Brady: DIY Super Bowl LIII

The Super Bowl is almost here and that means endless amounts of guac, wings, and cheers'. Every American will be watching the big game on February 3rd at 6:30pm EST as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick fight for ring #6. Either way, Ariana still has 7 rings. 

To prep for the game, here are a few DIY projects and recipes for Super Bowl LIII!

1. Game Day Shirt

To make sure you are the ultimate fan, it is a must to wear cute apparel to flex on your team spirit. Make sure to pick up a t-shirt for your favored team and a pair of scissors to create a trendy fit with your own personal flair. While everyone else is wearing the last minute long sleeves by the check-out lanes at Target, you'll be looking unique and oh so festive!

Click here to watch a tutorial video on how to transform a basic t-shirt into totally adorable styles. 

2. Commercial Bingo

While some people may not be super eager to watch grown men throw around a ball for a few hours, everyone loves to view the commercials during the Super Bowl. There's no better way to extend the entertainment than to add bingo into it!

Super Bowl commercials are a huge industry in themselves. This year, CBS is charging over $5 million for a 30-second time slot to show an ad during the big game. With such a high price, there is definitely an incentive to make the commercials as entertaining as possible. 

Play Party Plan offers a free PDF to download printable bingo cards for game day. You can use M&Ms, coins, a marker, etc. to mark the spots. Just make sure to offer a fun prize for the winner!

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Even if you're still following the new year health kick, the Super Bowl is a great excuse for a cheat day. There are so many endless options for yummy game snacks, but my favorite must-have is definitely buffalo chicken dip. The creamy goodness pairs great with pretzels, crackers, chips, celery─really anything! 

All Recipes offers a popular recipe for the tasty dish. You'll be voted favorite fan at the Super Bowl party if you bring this home-cooked dip along!

Whether you're Team New England, rooting for the Rams, or just anti-Brady, these DIY Super Bowl ideas will definitely be perfect for your Super Bowl experience. 

Go Pats!


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