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Top Ten Easiest Halloween Costumes For 2022

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Halloween is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for college students. It’s a whole weekend of dressing up, going out, and probably having the same level of fun you used to when you were a kid trick or treating. With Halloweekend approaching, there’s always a scramble to find the perfect costume for yourself and get it within enough time to try it on. That’s why I’m here to help. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that you’ve got your costume all figured out, It might be good to stick around. When you’re in a scramble for a day three costume here are some quick and easy ones to throw together.

Cheetah Girls

This is the perfect group costume for anyone trying to look cute and coordinated on a budget. Amazon has some great Cheetah Girls-inspired tracksuits for around $30. And not to mention the added benefit of Amazon’s quick delivery. You’ll have your super cute Cheetah Girls group costume in no time, for a fraction of the cost.


This one takes a bit more effort but will definitely have a large payoff. It’s both a good solo and group costume and is always a classic so you can totally rewear it for years to come. A set of fairy wings are an absolute must and are pretty affordable on Amazon. To go with your wings just look for anything colorful, flowy, and sparkly. Whether it’s a skirt or a cute little top you can’t go wrong with this option. 


This is a basic costume that almost everyone you walk past will know. You’ll need three things. First, a slip dress. These can be found almost anywhere now but if you need a cheap one fast that you won’t be afraid to mess up a little, Goodwill definitely has some options. Second, a crown. Again, Amazon is always the place to go for these little bits and bobs but if you’re not feeling that route I’m sure any Halloween store or even Target will offer a crown. Third, fake blood. Fake blood might be a little harder to come by but I was able to find some at Target for only about $5. After acquiring your three items all that’s left to do is spill the blood on the dress and a little on your face and you’re ready for a good night. 

A Ghost

This is literally the easiest costume you can do. Let’s go through what you need for it: one bedsheet and one pair of scissors. Sounds complicated, right? But while this might seem basic and boring you could always spice it up and throw on a pair of sunglasses too.

Scooby Doo

This one is an iconic group costume. With every character having their own color-specific fit, copying their costumes shouldn’t be too hard. For Daphne just stick to her purple and green combo and Velma’s all orange and red fit is super easy to replicate. Scooby might be harder to find but anything brown can work and throwing in a cute blue choker necklace can serve as Scooby’s collar. This group costume is super easy but totally fun. 

M & M’s

Here’s another good group idea that won’t break the bank. Just get a colored t-shirt and put an “M” on it, either with a sharpie or cut it out of a piece of paper. And with there being six M&M colors, you can make sure the whole group can join in!

Where’s Waldo

A classic option, the Where’s Waldo costume is simple but definitely the farthest from basic. You just need a classic pair of jeans paired with a red and white striped long-sleeve shirt. For accessories, you’ll need a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a white winter hat with a red pompom to top it all off. This option is definitely one of the warmer options of the bunch to wear out on a cold Halloween night. 

A Hippie

This one can probably be put together with whatever you have in your closet. A tie-dye shirt with a pair of regular or flared jeans, a set of converse, and a headband across the forehead will seal the deal completely and cost you close to nothing. You can always spruce the outfit up a bit if you decide to include some funky sunglasses or some cute peace sign temporary tattoos. 

Risky Business

Yes, this one might be overplayed, but hey, it’s convenient! All you need is an oversized white dress shirt, and maybe a pair of white spandex shorts too, and make sure to add a pair of black sunglasses. Simple but fun!

A tourist

Time to channel your inner dad in this one. Get yourself a fire pair of cargo shorts and a beautiful Hawaiian/floral shirt for this look. If you want to add to it, a fanny pack, map, and bucket hat would complete the costume. And even better, all these options can be easily found at your local Goodwill 

Good Luck with your costume search. I hope some of these helped spark some ideas for your next Halloween!!

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