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Top 9 Awkward Moments For Every Kid At UMass Amherst

No matter what school you go to, college is a place filled with awkward moments. The truth about UMass Amherst is that its size is deceiving. Pretty much everyone who goes there would say it feels smaller than it is. It is true that at a school with about 22,000 undergraduate students, everyone can be independent and do their own thing without worrying about being judged by other kids or having a bad reputation because there are too many students to keep tabs on everyone. You can sleep late once in a while and skip class without your professor noticing one less person in his lecture hall class. Unless they live in your building or are in one of your classes, you easily drift from friends who turned out to be duds without the anxiety about seeing them too much on campus. But somehow this list of the top awkward moments are real and many UMass Amherst students can relate. As Carrie Bradshaw says in Sex And The City, “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”

1. You will not eat a banana in public because there is a chance you could end up on UMass Amherst’s very own Twitter account.

Rumor has it that the creator of the anon Twitter account resides in Central, but who knows?

2. The music UMass Amherst’s cable company plays on the channel 20 guide is the bane of your existence.

3.  8am class outfits are always questionable.

If no one can see the ugly shirt underneath my jacket, does it even exist?

4. Walking through the W.E.B. DuBois wind tunnel feels like you are unwillingly participating in a photo shoot gone heinously wrong.

5. You have a mild case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from at least one fraternity on or off campus.

Maybe you are humiliated from ending up in someone’s Snapchat story while you were dancing horribly or maybe one guy was a jerk to you or your friend. Either way, pretty much everyone who has been to a fraternity at UMass Amherst has that one that makes them cringe just hearing its name.

6. A stranger walks up to you too confidently and calls you someone else’s name.

… Or you call out your friend’s name to the wrong person.

7. You honestly cannot recognize someone you hooked up with because so many kids here look the same.

8. The walk to the Recreation center is half of your workout.

If you live off campus, in Southwest, Central, Northeast, or Sylvan, it is always too long of a walk.

9. The security monitor in your residential hall tries to flirt with you by referring to you as your room number.

Hopefully you could relate to at least one of these uncomfortable times that happen at UMass Amherst. If you do, congratulations, you are not alone!

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Grace Olivia Brown

U Mass Amherst

Grace is from Lincoln, Massachusetts and beyond excited to be a part of UMass Amherst's chapter of Her Campus. As a senior, she is majoring in psychology with a letter of specialization in social welfare/social work and a letter of specializtion in developmental disabilities and human services. When she is not writing for Her Campus, she is probably joking around with her friends, shamelessly listening to Ariana Grande, or browsing the Benefit and Tarte sections of the Sephora website.
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