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Top 5 Underrated Female Artists You Should Be Listening To

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Listening to music has been one of my favorite things to do ever since I was little, but when my family got a Spotify Premium account, my new favorite thing to do was to discover new artists. I loved finding hidden gems from artists I have never heard of and great songs from popular artists that aren’t one of their radio hits. Soon, my friends all wanted to follow me on Spotify so they could see my playlist for new music recommendations (something I was very proud of, I might add). Here, I will showcase five of my favorite female artists that I don’t hear nearly enough people talking about.

Maggie rogers

If you want music with beautiful imagery that can be compared to the likes of Wordsworth, I would highly recommend checking out Maggie Rogers. Her indie-pop songs feel effortlessly cool and can be listened to during a homework session or a dance party. She’s become more mainstream over the past few years (I’ve been so excited to hear her hit song Alaska on the radio a couple of times) but I still felt like she deserved to be on this list because I think she is endlessly talented. If you want to get started on her discography, the first few songs I would check out are “Alaska,” “Love You For A Longtime,” and “On+Off.”

Maude latour

I discovered Maude’s music last spring through TikTok and have been obsessed ever since. Her lyrics about breakups, best friends, and her relationships line up with such fun beats to create songs that have become the soundtrack to many road trips, midnight dance sessions, and hang-outs with friends. Songs like “Walk Backwards,” “One More Weekend,” and “Furniture” will feel incredibly relatable for college students, especially because Maude is currently finishing her last semester at Columbia University! Go check her out to have the best time on your next walk or car ride.


If I had to describe Lemondrop’s music in a sentence, it would be “the coolest rendition of pop-rock that I’ve heard in the last five years.” This band’s female lead, Joni Lemons, has such strong vocals that perfectly match the backing that the rest of the band gives her. Before listening to songs like “Strawberry Wine,” “Eye Candy,” and “Stay,” definitely prepare yourself to do some serious head-banging. The group only has a small number of songs to listen to, but hopefully, they’ll release more awesome music soon!


Soulful, intimate, and chill are three words I would use to describe the world of Rozzi’s music. Her voice is so smooth when paired against an electric guitar and cool beats. With lyrics that will make you feel like you’re peering into her soul, Rozzi’s music is perfect to put on in the background of appetizers with your friends or to add to a playlist for your favorite indie-pop songs. “Joshua Tree,” “If I’m Gonna Love You,” and “Best Friend Song” are some of my favorites by her!


I first discovered this all-girl trio in high school through their 2016 album I’m Alone, No You’re Not per the recommendation of my cousins – their songs have been added to my playlists ever since! The sound of Joseph ranges from intense bops to soft and peaceful, so there is a song in their discography for everyone. “White Flag,” “Green Eyes,” and “Side Effects” are great jumping-off points, but I would also recommend just listening to all their albums cover to cover, especially their 2019 album Good Luck, Kid.

I hope you were able to find at least one amazing, yet underrated female artist on this list that you’ve never heard of before. Check them out the next time you’re looking for new music and enjoy!

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U Mass Amherst '24

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