Top 4 Nail Polishes You Should Be Rocking This Spring & Summer

Here in New England we are in living through a strange transition between seasons... a.k.a there hasn't been a spring. However, if there is one thing that can easily get you in the mood for summer, it is new affordable nail polishes! Each of these polishes cost under $15.


1. First up, you cannot go wrong with a good ole’ white polish. In this picture I am wearing Alpine Snow from OPI. This costs a little over $10 and I think it is a must have!


This is one of the best white polishes I have ever used, the product itself has lasted years and it is practically good to go in one coat!


2. One of my all time favorite bright (bordering neon) polishes is Love Letter by Urban Outfitters. Athough UO can run on the expensive side with clothing, this polish comes in at $5! A great deal. I have received so many compliments when wearing this shade, though it is definitely not for the shy ones!


This shade pairs well with a tan, and can even make lighter skin pop. I highly recommend this shade, especially for the price!


3. Another great shade I have to share is Petal Pusher by Sally Hansen.

This amazing nude pink is a one I am absolutely obsessed with. It is perfect for both Spring and Summer. I paired it with an accent gem on my ring finger to add some flare. It is currently on sale on Target’s website for under $4; an insane steal! This is another polish that has a quick dry time and could pass for just one coat if you’re on the go!


4. The last polish - or polishes - I am going to mention is a fun duo by Nails Inc. which is available in Sephora or online. This duo costs $15, which I think is a pretty good deal for two polishes. Plus, they are both fun colors!


This set comes with a cool purple and blue duo-chrome shade, as well as a purple/pink gold glitter shade. If the packaging hasn't sold you yet, I don’t know what will.


Those are a few of my favorite shades for the spring/summer! All are pretty budget friendly and are of great quality! I’d highly recommend all of these shades.


All images courtesy of author.