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The Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Weekend as a UMass Student

When it comes to how the students spend their weekends, we all know what UMass is known for. However, there’s so much more to this school and our community than some may realize. Here’s how you can spend your weekend if the party scene isn’t for you.

1. Hiking

Want to get moving and off campus? Go for a hike. We live in some of the prettiest landscapes that Massachusetts has to offer, so you should try to take advantage of them as much as possible while you’re here. Some local mountains and trails to check out are Bare Mountain and Mount Warner, both located in Hadley. Also, the view once you get to the top is the perfect photo op for your Instagram.

2. Puffer’s Pond

Puffer’s Pond is a well-known place off campus, but not a commonly used location. Situated on the corner of State Street and Mill Street, it’s about a six-minute drive from central campus. Puffer’s is a great excuse to grab some friends for an afternoon spent soaking up the sun and swimming or for a relaxing and secluded getaway.

3. Spend a day in Northampton

One of the best parts about living in Amherst is that we have the luxury of living in an area with equally amazing surrounding communities. Northampton is a shopping, eating, and cultural hub perfect for a day trip with your closest friends. Much like Puffer’s Pond, it’s the perfect excuse to escape campus without needing to go far. Hop on the B43 and you’ll be in town in less than 25 minutes.

4. UPC Movie Night

As fun as it is to venture off campus, it’s also good to know the activities our school offers as a way to de-stress when the weekend rolls by. For example, UMass’s University Programming Council offers free movie nights and popcorn every Friday and Sunday in the Cape Cod Lounge. Grab your friends for a convenient and FREE weekend activity.

5. Rock Climbing

When the weather is a bit too cold for a hike outdoors but your inner adventurer is calling, a perfect solution is rock climbing! The Central Rock Gym in Hadley is the perfect place for this, because it’s both local and cheap, with a rate of about $20 for the full day. I’ve always loved rock climbing because you’re getting a great workout in, but you’re having too much fun to even realize.

6. Go-Karting

Another suggestion for those who love adventure and the thrills of adrenaline is to go go-karting at the Autobahn Indoor Speedway in the Hampshire Mall. What’s my favorite part of Autobahn? The Ladies Night, of course! Grab your favorite ladies for $5 off your track every Friday night. Finding places with discounts like this are key for a broke college student.

7. Museums  

For all of the art and history lovers, the perfect weekend activity is to take advantage of all the museums Amherst has to offer. A few suggestions are the Mead Art Museum and Pratt Museum of Natural History, which are both located at Amherst College. The Emily Dickinson Museum is also worth checking out.

8. Girls’ Night In

This one speaks for itself. Although it’s fun to get ready with your girlfriends and go out together, it’s equally as entertaining to stay in! Each friend can bring her favorite late-night snacks, movies, and drinks. Though we’re in college, we’re never too old to enjoy a classic slumber party. To make it even more exciting, you can add themes to your movie nights, which is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.

9. Go to the Movies

Going to the movies is a classic. You can never go wrong with having a movie night with your best friends to catch the latest releases. The closest and most convenient theater is the Cinemark in the Hampshire Mall.

10. Amherst Farmers Market

During autumn, the Amherst Farmer’s Market is the perfect place for food lovers that like to engage their palette on all the local goods Amherst has to offer. Located in Amherst Center on Saturdays, the Farmers Markets always have a great turnout.

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