TikTok Made Me Buy It

Is TikTok contributing to your almost depleted bank account? Well, it is for me, and I want to share with you a few of my favorite items TikTok has made me buy. Let me start off by saying; this is really just a starting point, my addiction to retail therapy goes far beyond the items I am mentioning here, and I can thank TikTok for that!

  1. 1. Ring Light

    Any ring light on Amazon will suffice. It is basically just a big circle of light with a tripod because, as we all know, lighting can make all the difference. Whether you are taking a selfie, snapping some pictures with friends, making a TikTok, or trying to impress your crush on Snapchat, a ring light is the key to good lighting. They are affordable, ranging from around $25 to $45. They also come with a tripod, and once you have a tripod with good lighting connected to it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

  2. 2. Liquid Chlorophyll

    I got my liquid chlorophyll at Whole Foods, but they sell it online too. At first, I thought it seemed like a strange concept; it sort of worried me since I had never heard of it. But after doing some research, I immediately got in my car and bought some for $9. You might be wondering; "why on earth would you purchase that?!" I was seriously wondering that too, but chlorophyll is known to detoxify the body, eliminate odors, energize, and overall cleanse your body. After drinking a Hydro Flask of it first thing in the morning, my body feels amazing. It feels as though I am the type of person to wake up at six in the morning to do yoga (I am not, unfortunately), but it is truly just that refreshing

  3. 3. The Ordinary

    4 of the ordinary products

    I have never been into having a skincare routine, despite always needing one. When The Ordinary products started popping up on my TikTok, I was so enthralled with their simple packaging and formulas. The pricing is also insane, you pay such a small amount for such rejuvenating products. It is important to do a little bit of research and find out what is right for you. The feeling at night before bed while doing a skincare routine is so calming and it feels like a relief to unwind at end of a long day. On the other hand, in the morning, there’s something about doing a skincare routine that makes me feel like I am ready to take on the day, it just wakes me up and starts my days off on the right note. The Ordinary has seriously not failed me. However, every skin type is different, so research is definitely huge in finding the right products and I recommend taking some time to really find what seems right for you.

  4. 4. Cuff Earrings

    Silver ear piercing in ear

    I cannot say enough about my cuff earrings. I bought a whole pack on Amazon for less than $15. I only have my singles pierced and although I would love a lot of piercings, I just haven’t made the time or effort for them yet. Cuff earrings are a perfect solution. I usually wear one on my left ear with my regular earrings and it just adds such an extra touch of excitement. They are a fun new addition to your look and come with no real commitment

  5. 5. Rectangle Sunglasses

    I just kept seeing rimless rectangle glasses and had to give in. They can be bought just about anywhere. I am sure the more expensive, the better the quality, but since I find them to be more of a fashion statement than actual sunglasses, I went the cheaper Amazon route. They can be added to just about any outfit to spice up your look and add a nice vintage touch. They look amazing in the winter with a puff jacket or long leather jacket and some pants. I'm definitely looking forward to matching them up with some spring and summer outfits soon!

TikTok is definitely not my favorite app; there is a lot of toxicity and unrealistic beauty standards that are thrown around. But I will say it has given me some of my best purchases; all of these items have seriously become a part of my daily life (except maybe the ring light). Treat yourself, try some of these products, they likely won't disappoint, but again, do your research.