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Three of the Most Important Qualities in a Friendship

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There are so many important qualities that go into a good friendship. However, there are three which I think are the more important: trust, communication, and dependability. Without these three things, a friendship would not be successful. The people you surround yourself with each day have the biggest impact on your life. For this very reason, you want to feel as though they value your presence. 


Trust is extremely important to a friendship. Some of the most toxic friendships are the ones where you cannot freely be who you are. If you are constantly pretending to be someone you aren’t around your friends, it is not healthy. There are always individuals who love you for who you are, and it is important to remember that. Friendships surrounded by lies and lack of trust can be detrimental to the relationship. Sometimes there are relationships that aren’t trustworthy, and the majority of the time, someone gets hurt. 


Another important quality of friendships is communication. If you are not able to express how you are feeling, everything gets pushed down. Eventually, you won’t be able to keep those emotions in, and that’s when the worst fights break out. When there is open communication, there is never anything left unsaid. Communication needs to be equal as well. If you are constantly listening to the other person and they seem to have no interest in what you have to say, then try to surround yourself with different people. You want friends that you know you can run to whenever you have news, happy or sad. 


Finally, it is very important to be dependable. Friendships have highs and lows just like every relationship. However, you must surround yourself with people who want to be around, not only during your highs, but also at your lowest points. Your friends should also stick to their word when they say they will be there. If your friends don’t show up for you even when you do for them, they may not value your friendship as much as they should. Having a dependable friendship also means they will always be on your side. If something goes wrong, they should be the ones that will stick up for you when you need it. It is a comfortable feeling to know you have people on your team that would do anything for you. 

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Friendships are extremely important and essential for life. However, finding individuals who have all of these qualities can be difficult. For that reason, when you do meet individuals that do, keep them close to you. It is important to remember that if you are not enjoying yourself and having fun, those friends may be negatively impacting your life. So, take some time to reflect on your friendships. How are you as a friend? How do your friends treat you? Sometimes life can be tough but having a good support system can help so much.

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Sydney Dion

U Mass Amherst '23

Communication Disorders Major
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