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Three Influential Women and How They Are Making an Impact: The Future of Women’s History Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Women throughout the world are continuously impressing me with the impacts that they are making on the future of womanhood. March is Women’s History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating women who have made a difference in our nation. In honor of Women’s History Month, I am writing this article to recognize three young women who are currently making an impact. I predict that these women are going to be the face of many more Women’s History Month’s to come.

1. Emmanuella Ngozi Asabor

Emmanuella Ngozi Asabor earned her bachelor’s degree at Harvard University, her master’s degree in African Studies from the University of Cambridge, and is currently a joint MD Candidate and Ph.D. Student in Epidemiology at Yale University School of Medicine and Public Health. Asabor focuses on the intersections of social medicine, epidemiology, and health policy in her research. She stated that her goal is to “illuminate the impact of structural racism on health” for Forbes and their 30 under 30 List, where she was recognized in the 2022 Healthcare category. Asabor is a dedicated woman with knowledge that needs to continue being shared. She has published many research articles, such as “Conceptualizing, Contextualizing, and Operationalizing Race in Quantitative Health Sciences Research” which discussed the racial health inequities that affect health outcomes across racial groups. Based on Asabor’s published work, she has led me to believe that she will be represented in future Women’s History Month’s. The impact she has been making with her research is extremely impactful for structural racism on health.

2. Michelle Zhu

Michelle Zhu is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Huue. Huue uses biotechnology to create the most sustainable dyes for the textile industry. Michelle Zhu’s passion for sustainability has allowed the company to create environmentally friendly indigo blue dye for denim markers. This biosynthetic indigo is five times less toxic than conventional indigo dye, just as effective, and easy to implement for jean makers! Huue is nearing the release of its dye, which means Michelle Zhu is about to make history in the sustainable clothing industry!

3. Dina Radenkovic

Dina Radenkovic is a medical doctor, bioinformatics researcher, and healthcare entrepreneur. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Gameto. Gameto is using cell engineering to study and treat diseases of the female reproductive system. With this research, Gameto has been able to develop three therapeutics that support women. The first form of therapy is Fertilo, designed to improve the outcomes of IVF and other assisted fertility methods. Fertilo is more natural, requires a lower hormonal load, has lower risks of complications, has a higher success rate, and reduces overall cost! Fertilo is undergoing preclinical studies with fertility clinics in the US and internationally, but they are hoping it will soon be a game changer to fertility health.

Deovo is an engineered human reproductive system used to test and develop drugs for ovarian disease. This was developed due to the lack of clinical trials that include women in the current healthcare system, which further causes negative health outcomes in women. This design is used for Ovarian Toxicity Screening, Precision Medicine Drug Development, Disease Models, and Epigenetic Modeling across Organ Systems. Lastly, there is Ameno. Ameno was designed to make the medical burden of menopause optional. Menopause creates debilitating symptoms and has been associated with numerous severe conditions. Ameno works to integrate directly with the chemical conversation taking place in the body, responds to signals from the brain and ovaries, and tunes the levels of hormones released to each individual’s system needs. Radenkovic’s dedication to female reproductive longevity has put her on my radar of young impactful women because she is developing the future of women’s health! I expect Dina Radenkovic to continue making history. 

Recognizing women who are making an impact should be done every month, not just in March. Emmanuella Ngozi Asabor, Michelle Zhu, and Dina Radenkovic are only a few examples of powerful and influential women that are creating history. Here’s to celebrating all women around the world as we continue to create a beautiful future for generations to come!

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Mia Frazier

U Mass Amherst '24

Mia is a Junior at UMass Amherst majoring in Sociology! She is passionate about advocating for women's health and environmental health. A few of her hobbies are gardening, reading, traveling, and art!