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Three DIY Projects on Pinterest You Need to Make This Spring Break

Whenever I am looking for a new project or style idea, I always go on Pinterest to see what I can find. For those Collegiettes that are not familiar with the site, Pinterest is a social network linked with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through which you have the option of “pinning” different videos, images, and other odds-and-ends to your “pinboard.”

A major feature to Pinterest is the plethora of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. The site’s description even warns that searching for DIY crafts Pinterest can be incredibly addictive, as one idea always leads to another one. With spring break coming up, you probably are looking for some DIY ideas to pass the time. Take a look at this list of pins to get some inspiration:

1. Painted Sign Projects

Looking to create new decorations for your dorm room or apartment? Painted signs are one way to brighten up your room in the spring. Maybe you have a favorite funny quote that you and your roommate came up with this year, or you want a motivational phrase that you’ll see constantly in order to get you through finals week. All you need is a wooden canvas, some paint, and you are good to go!

Click here to get directions to this DIY!

2. T-shirt Projects

Going away somewhere warm this spring break or looking to start creating your summer wardrobe a few weeks early? DIY T-shirt projects are a very simple and efficient way to use old shirts that may be sitting in your closet. Once I looked over the directions, I couldn’t wait to try making the decorative beach cover-up for the summer. The beauty of T-shirt projects is that they are also not super time-consuming, so the sooner you finish, the sooner you can wear what you created!

Click here to get directions to this DIY!

3. Mason Jar Tailgating Cups

Do you have a mason jar that you drink out of 24/7 and constantly mix up with your roommate’s? Add a little paint, maybe some inspirational phrases, and collage your jar. If you are feeling extra creative, you can always make a hole on the cap for a straw!

Click here to get directions to this DIY!

Enjoy your spring break and get crafting, Collegiettes!

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