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Things Getting Me Through Finals This Semester

This semester has definitely been different for almost every student, and it’s just about time for the beginning of finals. When my finals start, I like to take time to reflect on what will help get me through these next few weeks of long study days.

Podcasts: These are one of the best ways to destress and relax. You could even listen to podcasts about the topic you’re studying and listen while you’re doing something else such as washing the dishes or driving in the car.

Coffee: I’ve grown to drink coffee every day now, and it’s something that makes my mornings even just a little bit better for those study days. I love trying new flavors and coffees to add some spice. [bf_image id="qemlzq-dz54j4-2ne60w"]

Spending time with friends: Although it’s important to spend time studying, spending time with friends and family during these times is also super important to stay connected and relax.

Playing with my pets: I got a hamster recently and taking her out to play makes me feel so much better immediately. I know once I get her out of the cage I will feel less stressed, and it’s great for both of us!

Studying outside: With the new beautiful weather, studying outside is a great way to help yourself relax and get some sun and air. Make sure to pack some water, snacks, and chargers!

Painting: I’ve gained a pretty big collection of paints, brushes, and canvases. Once I start painting, it’s such a great stress reliever. I definitely recommend taking time off from studying to paint even a small picture.

Reading: This distracts me from my work so much and is an awesome way to forget about your schoolwork for even just 20 minutes. If you’re someone who doesn’t like reading, I recommend finding a genre that you like first and starting there! [bf_image id="q995kh-3xcy5s-a0zubz"] I hope these recommendations help you if you’re going through finals. Good luck!

Elizabeth Mooney

U Mass Amherst '22

As a senior at UMass Amherst, Elizabeth Mooney is studying Community Education and Social Change and is so excited to be writing for HerCampus for her third year! She writes articles on lifestyle, relationships, and college life so check them out! Feel free to follow her Instagram: @lizmooney02
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