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The Bow Trend Is Everywhere and We Are So Here For It

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You’ve probably already seen it on TikTok — the trend where Lana Del Rey’s “Let the Light In” softly plays in the background whilst someone films an item, or even a person, who has been wrapped in a silky pink ribbon. These videos range from cute to downright hilarious, whether it is a ribbon tied around a cute pet or around a “I think we’d be better off as friends” text message (real). Although the bow trend has gained a strong presence on the funnier side of social media, it’s also recently emerged as one of the most dominating fashion trends around the world. Big-name brands in the fashion world such as Miu Miu and Uggs are incorporating more and more bows in their new releases, with people rushing to buy them as they sell out quickly. Bows have also gained momentum on the red carpet, with countless celebrities wearing them in their hair or on their clothes. There is no denying it — bows are making a chic comeback, and we are so here for it. Here are some ways that you can incorporate the trend in your style for that cute, feminine touch.

Wearing Them In Your Hair

Whether you tie it around a ponytail like Olivia Rodrigo or weave it into smaller braids like Jenny Kim, bows are an effortless way to elevate your hairstyle. Ribbons in your hair simultaneously exude elegance and youthfulness, altogether creating a gorgeous look and turning simple clothes into a ✨fit✨.

Tying Them Around Your Bag or Purse Straps

Feel like your bag or purse is slightly too bland? Tying a ribbon around the straps not only gives it a pop of color, but some personality too. It’s a super-easy way to instantly add some uniqueness and new life to your bag without having to buy a completely different one!

Putting them on accessories

There are so many different ways that you can embrace this cute trend! Take some inspiration from sites such as Pinterest, where people have tied ribbons around various items such as their water bottles or headphones. Be creative with it!

To wrap it up (pun intended), I hope you found some inspiration from these examples and feel ready to ride the wave of the bow trend!

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Filippa Roos Olsson

U Mass Amherst '27

Filippa Roos Olsson is a freshman at Umass Amherst double-majoring in English and Japanese with a minor in Psychology. She is very passionate about writing and is so excited to be a new member of Her Campus this year. Along with writing, she enjoys drawing, yoga, and listening to music.