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The Best “Anything Goes” with Emma Chamberlain Podcast Episodes I’ve Listened to (So Far)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Honestly, podcasts have never really been my thing. People rave about them but I’ve never been able to get into one (or even an episode really). I’ve tried so many different ones too… From self-help to current events to even drama/pop culture, nothing ever really stuck. I’ve tried going on walks, long car rides, working out, and laying outside, but I usually just get bored and lose focus and go back to listening to music. 

That is until I recently tried Emma Chamberlain’s Anything Goes Podcast. I should have known that this would be the one to stick because of my undying adoration for Emma Chamberlain and everything she does, but unfortunately, it took me almost three years since the podcast’s debut to give it a go, and I am honestly never going back. 

I have listened to so many of her episodes in the last few weeks and have yet to get bored. Something about Emma Chamberlain’s humorous candor makes you want to listen to her for hours. She puts such a relatable and comforting perspective on all her thoughts and opinions and really makes it feel like she’s talking to you through her stories. The biggest thing her podcasts have brought me is a sense of comfort as I’ve dealt with a period of heightened anxiety. It’s really scary being a second-semester college senior, like terrifying…but her podcasts have put my mind at such ease lately and I can’t recommend them enough.

Over 150 episodes have already been made which begs the question, where do you start? Here are, in my opinion, the best episodes of Anything Goes that I’ve listened to (so far):

“health and wellness products, are they worth it?”

This is the very first Anything Goes episode I listened to. I am a sucker for the newest “as seen on TikTok” health and wellness products. Some of them work really well and have really changed things for me, while others are the biggest waste of time and money. Emma goes through guided journals, lemon water, sugar body scrubs, etc. giving an honest and genuine relatable rating of so many of the latest fads. 

“I’m yolo’ing right now…”

I think most people could use a little more “YOLO” attitude in their life. Especially in my last semester of college. Emma talks about the recent happenings in her life and the carefree attitude she’s had revolving around them and how that has added to her life… like getting 10 tattoos back to back, honestly making me want to get a tattoo because YOLO. 


Emma is only one month younger than me so we turned 21 at the same time… although as she admitted, and so can I, my 21st birthday was not my first experience with alcohol…Anyways, I love hearing about her attitude toward drinking and alcohol because college life can blur the lines at times of what is “healthy and moderate.” She has such a healthy attitude and weighs the pros and cons when it comes to drinking alcohol and emphasizes that this is a learning part of life and it can be overwhelming to figure out your relationship with alcohol, especially in social settings. I, like Emma, love a glass of wine, but I also know I could go a very long time without it. It should be something that adds to your life in a healthy way if you choose to partake.


Like California where Emma lives, weed is legal in Massachusetts. It is very popular, especially amongst college students, and like alcohol, it is important to find a healthy relationship with it. If you are of age and choose to partake, it can be daunting. Also like Emma, I have pretty much had no positive experiences when I have partaken. She recounts horrible experiences she has had and gives a really unique and relatable perspective and emphasizes the relationship between weed and anxiety.

“overrated vs underrated”

In this episode, Emma plays a game with topics that viewers sent in to discuss and she stated whether she thought they were overrated or underrated. Topics from workout classes to fashion trends and even buttered toast. I was definitely surprised by some of her selections but found myself getting a new point of view that I actually agreed with. 

I can’t emphasize enough that Emma’s take on things is one worth listening to. She really knows how to make a podcast entertaining…take it from someone who really isn’t into them. 

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Sarah Walsh

U Mass Amherst '23

Sarah is a Senior at UMass Amherst double majoring in Communication and Journalism and minoring in Sociology. Her favorite tv shows are Friends, The Office, and New Girl. And her favorite movies consist of the entire Harry Potter series. She loves to workout, spend time with family and friends, and walk her puppy, Rory.