Thanksgiving Break Activities

When you are nearing the end of the semester, but not quite the end-end and you need a break, Thanksgiving is such a great time to spend at home. The change of scenery, the break from the bounds that professors steadily give you a workload fit to a king is over, and just a nice time to breathe. Thanksgiving is the perfect mid-semester catch-up to relax and be grateful for a most successful semester and memory making with friends. 


Thanksgiving is a great break filled with friends, family, and food you have yet to see in awhile! A great perk that UMass is able to provide unlike other schools is that we are able to have the entire week of Thanksgiving off. It is very hard to travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and UMass understands that which is greatly appreciated, especially for out of state students. 


Thanksgiving as a holiday itself is thought about as soon as November begins. How can you not? The food itself gets you, as a student, through the long weeks leading up to the holiday. Food is such a gathering activity. Not only can you eat Thanksgiving meal with your family, but your also able to go back home and go back to your local favorites, like fro-yo or bagels. Being able to share food is a great way to socialize and feel nostalgic while you're at home. Friendsgiving is also a charming and unique event you can only do during Thanksgiving break! Spend time with your friends and create unique dishes that each individual brings!

Thanksgiving for me is personally the beginning of holiday spirit. It is a great opportunity to get a head start on holiday gifts. Spending time at home and having a whole week off is fun to create your own gifts from second hand shops and get creavite. This Thanksgiving break go out with your family, friends, or alone and create a one-of-a-kind gift without breaking the budget. But, understandable if you want those Black Friday steals.

Although, Black Friday shopping is giving into consumerism, it’s a great time to bond with friends and just enjoy the mayhem and chaos. Just walking around the mall late at night or early in the morning at random times is something peculiar and fun to do that you can not do at any other time of the year. 


Being at home without the stress of school allows you to recharge as a student. Taking the time off and realizing you need a break from the business of school and living with your friends is great during Thanksgiving break because it is extended time at home that makes you appreciate what you have at school. Make sure that you are well cared for and reflecting on your achievements over the semester. Writing in a journal lets you express yourself and allows introspection. Get jiggy with your thoughts and feel your emotions! 


Thanksgiving is a holiday that is supposed to be shared. Share with your loved ones, family, and friends and enjoy your time off from school! The end of the semester is near! 

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