The Thank You My Parents Deserve

I don’t know why it is much easier for me to put my thoughts down on paper, or why I often find it difficult to put my thoughts into words and say them out loud. 

I also don’t know why it is so common to take things for granted when they’re right in front of you. In other words, why it is so hard to see how lucky you are and appreciate the things you have, while you still have them?

What I do know is that I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my parents. I feel it is time to show my appreciation and give credit where credit is due. Although we talk every day, (who am I kidding… multiple phone calls a day) I hope this puts into perspective all the words that are unsaid. Most importantly, the gratitude I feel towards you both, how much I have learned, and truly how proud I am to be your daughter. 


From the bottom of my heart… 

Thank you for leading by example. If I can be at least half the parent, friend, and sibling as you both are, then I will know that I have done something right. 

Thank you for teaching me right from wrong and sticking by my side even when I made mistakes. I can’t emphasize enough how important it was to have such an amazing support system while growing up and finding my way through life.

Thank you for teaching me how to remain kind in a world that is not so kind. 

Thank you for teaching me how to be strong. I never knew strength and bravery until I saw it in the both you. 

Thank you for always answering the phone, even though I call about 25 times a day while at school. I know it probably gets annoying, but it is truly the little things that help me to offset my anxieties. 

Thank you for reminding me that the sky is the limit and that no dream is to small. It is such a reassuring feeling to know that I can do whatever I put my mind too, and you both will be there by my side whether it works out or not. 

Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is through your marriage. This is something that will stay with me for a lifetime and is a relationship that I can only hope to reflect back upon my kids one day. 

Along those same lines, thank you for raising my standards and teaching me to never settle. 

Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a hard worker. Also, for showing me that nothing good in life comes without effort and that things are not going to be just handed to me. 

Most importantly, thank you for being selfless. You never stopped putting me first and you never gave up even when life came crashing down around you. 



Although I don’t tell you every day, I hope you always know that I am the person I am today because you loved me. No words will ever be enough to show my appreciation for the both of you, but if I could only say just two, it would be “thank you.” However, that too would be a mere understatement. 

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