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Tackling This Fall’s Makeup Trends

Makeup trends are constantly changing. One day nude lips will be in, and the next day they’ll be replaced by a sultry and smoky dark lip instead. There are certain fall makeup trends that always seem to stay relevant: berry lips, smoky brown eye looks and lots of golds. This fall, you’ll find some trends that are somewhat unexpected. It may seem impossible to incorporate some of these crazy trends into your everyday life, but it can definitely be done, and I’m here to show you how.

1. Metallics 

This year on the runway, many models were seen sporting full-on metallic eyes and lips. It may seem a bit daunting to put shockingly silver eyeshadow all over your lids and then step out into the library, but there are slightly more subtle ways you can go about this.

NYX Cosmetics recently launched metallic shades of their best-selling Liquid Suede Creme-Lips, and beauty gurus everywhere are going wild. These shades give off a slightly metallic hue on the lips: you can either go bold with a metallic purple or keep it more subdued and fall-like with a sultry red. Pairing these metallic lips with a matte, neutral eye is the perfect way to add a pop of a fall trend into your every day life without looking like a holographic alien walking through campus (but that’s cool too).

2. Brown Lipstick 

You might wonder, who would ever look good in brown lipstick? The answer we’ve found this fall is, well, basically everyone. Probably most famously brought back to style by Kylie Jenner with her True Brown K Lip Kit, brown lips are now seen quite frequently. Don’t worry, you won’t look like you have dirt on your lips, and there are definitely ways you can go about a brown lip without having it be too overpowering.

Kylie’s Lip Kit is a true, deep brown lip that is great for darker skin tones, as well as the brave paler skin toned girl as well. If you’re looking for a more toned-down brown, look no further than MAC Cosmetic’s Velvet Teddy. As shown in the photo above, this brown isn’t too dark or muddy, but actually the perfectly light almondy shade. I highly recommend this lipstick, and several beauty bloggers would agree since this shade has been stated to be a favorite of many. It’s long-wearing, creamy and easy to wear. It adds a perfect touch to your fall look that will last all day, and it won’t be too overpowering to wear in class.

3. Highlighted Skin

It’s easy to feel like in the fall and winter your mood suffers, your body suffers (thanks to the great season of eating), and your skin suffers. Considering how cold and windy it gets, your complexion might dull a bit during this time of year. However, this makes it the perfect time to dust on that extra highlighter. Highlighter instantly adds a glow to your face and is perfect for drawing attention to the high-points on your cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow. It instantly awakens the face and can make you look glowing, youthful and radiant — even on your worst days.

If you don’t want to dust too much extreme highlighter on your face for a day in class, try a more natural tone. I highly recommend Benefit’s Dandelion Twinkle: it provides a subtle peachy glow that brightens your complexion but isn’t as intense as highlighters like Becca’s or Jefree Star’s.

4. Jewel-Toned Smoky Eye 

You might be hesitant to walk to class in a fully-done blue or green smoky eye. Instead, try incorporating a pop of blue or green into your look. You could place some dark blue or emerald green liner into your water line, or even try a wing on your top lash line using one of those colors. The look doesn’t have to be overpowering with blue eyeshadow all over, but rather just an added subtle touch. Eyeliner is a great way to do this, and you can keep the rest of your makeup look neutral to draw emphasis to the jewel tones you used.

5. Berry Lips and Winged Liner 

This is perhaps the most classic fall trend, and personally, I don’t think it’ll ever get old. A berry lip and winged eyeliner is the epitome of this season, and fear not — there are ways to subdue it for class. Try a berry tinted lip balm or gloss instead of a full-on lipstick so it’s less pronounced, and make a smaller wing instead of a full-on glam one. You can also save this look for nights out or special occasions if you still feel like it would be too much for your 10 a.m. lecture. Try giving one of these trends a try one day, and save the others for later on. It all depends on personal preference and whichever way you choose to do this look, you will rock it!

Never be afraid to embrace new seasonal trends, but also stick to what feels good to you! It’s fun to experiment and have fun with makeup, but it’s more fun to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. If you want to combine a metallic lip with a smoky eye and winged liner, you do you, boo! If you feel more comfortable just wearing a berry gloss to your early morning class, then that’s fine too. Have fun, try out different trends and continue rocking those makeup looks.

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