Sweatpants, But Make It Cute

If hearing the word ‘jeans’ makes you squirm, and skirts are just unthinkable, you must be a fellow comfort dresser. You’ll pretty much always see me rocking a pair of leggings or joggers because, let’s be honest, when I wake up at 7:30 a.m. and touch my feet onto the freezing cold tiles of my dorm, the last thing I want to do is have to squirm into tight, uncomfortable pants. Luckily, a large portion of us ladies feel the same way about restricting pants or uncomfortable skirts, thus the rise of athleisure. I’m about to show you four unbelievably comfortable bottoms that will still keep you looking cute and put together. 

1. The "Everyday" Lounge Look

These baby soft, and sustainably sourced, ‘cashmere blend joggers’ from H&M are the perfect staple for any closet. H&M sells the matching zip up hoodie that you could pair for a super chic sweatsuit moment, or pair with a basic top, chunky sneakers, and hoop earrings to put a soft, feminine twist onto a streetwear aesthetic. At $80 these joggers may be a splurge, but they’re totally worth the quality and the fact that they’re sustainably sourced. These joggers are comfortable enough to fall asleep in, but also classy enough to dress up and wear out.

2. The "Lady-On-Her-Feet" Look

These beauties right here are H&M’s ‘sports pants’, also from their conscious collection. Comfortable pants don't need to fit into either the "leggings" or "sweatpants" category, and these sports inspired pants prove that. These pants are made from recycled polyester. They’re light and airy, but still look contemporary and chic. H&M pairs them with an athletic quarter zip, but these pants would look ultra-cool with an oversized, chunky knit sweater and sneakers. The ⅞ length on these pants will compliment a long line coat in the chilly weather ahead. 

3. The "Cool Girl" Look

These dope ‘satin puddle pants’ from Urban Outfitters’s Urban Renewal collection are for the daring who like to experiment and play around with their style. Since these pants are made out of satin, they're super lightweight and could easily be worn all year round. Pair these with monochromatic hues and pastel accessories, and you’ve got yourself a super stand out "fit that looks and feels effortless". What makes these pants especially cool? They’re made out of upcycled materials, lowering your environmental impact on the earth while elevating your style game. That’s cool.

4. The ‘Oh-Gosh-I’m-Late” Look

Have you ever slept in way past your alarm and are suddenly awoken by the nightmare of having only 15 minutes to get to a class that’s 20 minutes away? Yeah, me too. It’s in these moments that I most likely resort to the trusty ol’ leggings and a sweatshirt look. But, with these Adidas Originals Adicolor Leggings, you never have to look like you rolled out of bed and put almost no thought into your outfit. These leggings come in a bunch of different colorways, but I especially adore these bright orange pair. The unique color mix and signature Adidas logo help take away from the fact that you’re just wearing leggings because they pack such a statement. Pair these leggings with an oversized graphic hoodie, or chunky sneakers and a beanie to really pull the look together, even when you don’t feel put together. 

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