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Style Spotlight: My Top Picks for 2024

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Instagram has become the central hub for fashion. Whether shopping for a new wardrobe or scrolling on influencers’ feeds, we all get major style inspo from Instagram. My explore page loves recommending me different trends and casual or everyday outfits. This “digital runway” allows customers to shop online through other companies and brands. Apps like Instagram and Pinterest exist as the leading outlets for fashion among my generation.

That said, I’ve taken much of my inspiration from influencers, models, and clothing brands that I’ve incorporated into my unique style. As a college student, I try to stick to a budget and find dupes of original pieces. For the rest of 2024, I’d like to keep this trend of trendy styles alive!


For starters, bows are absolutely in for this season. Red and pink silk bows are at the forefront of what my generation calls “coquette,” meaning having an aesthetic that embodies femininity, gracefulness, and elegance. I am all for this trend because I have a delicate and feminine flair. I love frilly dresses, white lace, and light pastel or nude colors. @belajuliana__ on Instagram knows how to style bows, both in her hair and on her outfits. I love how she incorporates a red pop in her hair with ribbon — it contrasts nicely against her black leather jacket and bouncy curls. 

baby pink

Baby pink has taken over Pinterest. I love pink as much as the next girl, and I’m so happy to announce that pink tones are absolutely on top! Pink sweaters, pink purses, pink blush … the list goes on. Soft, cream tones often pair well with baby pink. @acquired.style on Instagram knows how to follow the wave. Brigette is an NYC-based influencer who knows ALL things about fashion. She is my #1 pick for choosing, styling, and buying outfits. In this post, she pairs earmuffs and a chunky knit sweater with Chanel’s Medium Classic Double Flap bag — all baby pink! Platform Uggs are also very popular at the moment. Brigette wears medium-wash jeans with her Uggs while she poses on the Brooklyn Bridge.


Headbands are my favorite way to dress up an outfit. @christinanadin on Instagram styles a basic black headband with a simple white collared shirt; simple yet effective. There are many ways to style a headband. You can push all your hair back, let face-framing pieces fall, or put your hair up in a ponytail for a more sporty look. Christina pairs some gold hoops with a natural, soft makeup look. Her blush and eyeshadow tones exude a warm glow from her complexion and complement nicely with gold.

Voilà! I love that social media allows many other young women like myself to take inspiration from influencers, experiment with our styles, and continue to evolve our fashion knowledge! Looking ahead to the remainder of 2024, I’m excited to embrace the current trends and, simultaneously, eager to see what’s new in store. These are my top fashion picks for 2024, and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Let’s stay connected as we navigate the ever-changing world of internet fashion together!

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Julia Norton

U Mass Amherst '25

Julia Norton is a Junior at UMass Amherst majoring in Economics with a minor in English. She is very excited to be a part of Her Campus and connect with the other young women in the UMass chapter. Along with writing, she enjoys reading, painting with watercolors, yoga, and watching movies.