Style Inspiration from Audrey Hepburn in Film

Audrey Hepburn: the charmingly dainty brunette with thick eyebrows and a cigarette in hand, usually tastefully dressed in a little black Givenchy dress. Although she rose to fame as an Oscar-award winning actress through the sixties, Audrey remains an iconic household name and face, renowned for her beauty, inside and out. She is one of the most frequently cited feminine figures in modern history for several reasons, many in effect of her accomplishments both as an actress and as an involved member of UNICEF, which is an organization that provides various forms of aid to children and mothers in developing countries. Throughout her years under the limelight, Audrey also mastered the essence of timeless chic. She conveyed a sense of timeless class, grace, and spirit through her personal style:

Although she kept accessories to a minimum, the ones that she wore as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's such as statement hats and a pearl necklace were absolutely gorgeous. She also mastered the look of costume jewelry, flaunting chunky stud earrings along with oversized black sunglasses.

In one of her first films, Roman Holiday, Audrey’s character named Princess Ann sported a cinched waist in most of her ensembles.

Kitten heels and ballet flats were typically Audrey’s footwear of choice.

In the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly hurriedly searches for her black, alligator-skin kitten heels, (which she eventually found in a plant). She wears them throughout the film with multiple different articles of clothing, like her black, below-the-knee Givenchy gown, turtleneck, cigarette pants, and even a trenchcoat.  


In Funny Face, the actress is usually sporting her quintessential look with a pair of cigarette pants, a turtleneck, and black loafers.

Audrey's style is still admired today because it was classic and chic. The important thing to note is that her clothing choices were timeless, making great style attainable for people of different ages at different times.

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