Studying Abroad? Take the Path Less Traveled Upon


    As college students, we make countless decisions every day. Whether it be what courses to enroll in, what clubs to join, or even what to eat for dinner─we are finally at the age where we are solely responsible for choosing with paths to pursue. One major decision, and possibly one of the most exciting: whether or not we will study abroad.

    So, you have weighed the pros and cons and decided that studying abroad is the path you are going to take. What’s next? Choosing where to study abroad. If you are looking for inspiration, there is no shortage of Instagram pictures and Snapchat stories of students who have already embarked on their journeys. However, if you are looking to explore some underrated destinations, here are some extraordinary places and a few of their most alluring attractions to keep in mind.

1. Netherlands

The Netherlands might be a small country but its beauty and charm is limitless. Packed with vibrant colors and character, the Netherlands is home to many world famous icons. From the beautiful scenery to captivating history to delicious cuisine, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with your time spent in this exquisite country. Be sure to check out some well known destinations such as the Electric Ladyland, Bloemen Route, Oudemanhuispoort, and the Wadden Sea to experience the colors, culture, and beauty that make the Netherlands so special.

2. Switzerland

    When I think of Switzerland, the first image that comes to mind is vast, snow-capped mountains overlooking crystal blue waters and rolling, green fields. These breathtaking views do not just have to be pictures on a postcard. Embrace your inner explorer aspirations and embark on the adventure of a lifetime while studying abroad in Switzerland. Check out places like Hell Grottoes, Trift Bridge, and Evionnaz Adventure Labyrinth if you are interested in traveling into deep into an underworldly landscape, crossing a spectacular suspended bridge across the alps, or sparking a little competition with some friends in the world’s largest permanent maze.

3. Iceland

Despite the implications that the name may create, Iceland is more than just barron ice and snow, and it should definitely be a consideration for your studies abroad! Being one of the most unique and underrated destinations, Iceland is filled with remarkable views and natural beauty. Check out some of the world’s most extraordinary natural landmarks such as Kerid Crater Lake, Thrihnukagigur Volcano, Silfra, and Santa’s Icelandic Workshop where you can walk along an eye-popping Icelandic crater lake, tour a dormant volcano, or scuba dive in the world’s clearest water. If you are looking for outdoor adventure, Iceland is the perfect place for you!


4. Ireland

    From Europe’s largest green space to the longest defined coastal touring route in the world, Ireland certainly does not lack fun activities and enchanting ways to spend your day. Whether you desire spending your time outdoors while admiring the stunning mountains, cycling your way along the countless tracks and trails, or embracing the culture at exhibitions and world-class food and drink events─Ireland is always brimming with things to do! Overwhelmed by all this country has to over? Here are some starter ideas to get your journey going: The Long Room Library at Trinity College , Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park, and Irish Sky Garden.


5. Thailand

    It seems like recently Thailand has been receiving some more attention and for good reason! Not only is it unbelievably gorgeous, studying abroad in Thailand would allow you to immerse yourself in such a beautiful culture in a truly life changing experience. With its diverse ecosystem, Thailand can offer you anything from jungles to beaches to cities. There is no surprise that Thailand has become a beacon for many travelers around the world, offering great food, unique culture, jaw dropping mountains, and amazing beaches. To see exactly what I am talking about, check out Lotus Lake, Wat Rong Khun, Wat Tha Ka Rong, and Elephant Nature Park for the all the convincing you need about why Thailand is the ideal place for your study abroad destination.

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