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The Struggles of Being a New York Sports Fan in Massachusetts

With the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry being one of the biggest battles in sports history, rooting for New York teams in Massachusetts isn’t easy. The second I put on my Yankees hat, a huge bullseye is being put on my back. My fellow New York fans can understand the daily struggles of rooting for our teams while being away at school in Massachusetts.

1. The look that I get when I say I’m from New York.

2. And the even worse look I get when I say I’m a Yankees fan.

3. How I feel wearing my New York jersey to class after they defeat a Boston team the night before.

4. And how I feel when Boston defeats New York…

5. What my friends want to do to me when I root for New York.

6. When I try to make friends wearing a New York jersey.

7. But when I see someone else wearing New York apparel…

8. My reaction to when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl two years ago.

9. While everyone’s going crazy that the Red Sox are in the World Series,

10. I’m not amused.

11. And you better believe I’m rooting for the Cardinals. Because anyone’s better than the Red Sox.

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Michele Thorkelsen

U Mass Amherst

Michele is in her third year at the University of Massachusetts, where she is studying journalism and information technology. She is also a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, a national co-ed honor fraternity.